MBA car thief to Hyderabad police: Catch me if you can

With automobiles adopting modern technologies, car thefts have become a lot difficult than earlier. However, there are thieves who always find out a way to steal vehicles. Hyderabad Police are having a difficult time tracking and catch a tech-savvy thief, who is accused of stealing luxury cars.

MBA car thief to Hyderabad police: Catch me if you can

On January 26th, 2021, Kannada movie producer –  V. Manjunatha’s Toyota Fortuner was stolen from the Park Hyatt Hotel in the upmarket Banjara Hills. The car with VIP number KA04 MX1 1000 was stolen.

Since the owner of the vehicle is a high-profile person, Banjara Hills Police are trying their best to track the stolen vehicle and catch the thief. The police also found an accused who they identified as Satyendra Singh Shekhawat, who is an interstate-car thief, and an MBA by qualification. Police used various CCTV footage to identify the thief.

Shekhawat is a popular criminal who has been caught in various states including Delhi, Maharashtra, and Gujarat in the past. The criminal is currently out on bail. After getting caught in different states, he decided to carry his operations in Hyderabad, Telangana.


After multiple car thefts, Banjara Police went to Rajasthan to further investigate the case. However, the thief – Satyendra Singh Shekhawat called the cops on WhatsApp and challenged them to catch him. Shekhawat said that he is in Rajasthan and said “catch me if you can”.

The police then detained the father of Shekhawat for a week and questioned him to gather information. The cops also questioned his wife and also tried to arrest her. The cops suspected the wife’s role in the crimes too. However, they could not prove the same in the local court and had to release the wife.

Other police forces are also on the hunt

The Nacharam police also recently went to Jaipur in a bid to catch Shekhawat. They are investigating a case where Shekhawat allegedly stole an Isuzu D-Max V-Cross from a software engineer in the Nacharam area. On August 5, Shekhawat also stole another vehicle that belongs to Ravindra Verma, who is a manager working in Gland Pharma.

In fact, Shekhawat stole the vehicle from the residence of Verma in a security gated community under the Dindigul Police station. Now Cyberabad Police are also on the lookout for the accused in this case.

More than 100 vehicles stolen

Police investigations have revealed that Shekhawat has stolen more than a hundred cars across India. He operates in different states and cities. The police believe that Shekhawat sells the stolen vehicles to drug dealers and other criminals who are involved in crimes like women trafficking.

Shekhawat steals the vehicles himself and then parks them in the secluded areas for some time. When the cops fail to find the vehicle, Shekhawat then sells the vehicle.

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