Scooter crashes into Rs 12 crore Mclaren 765 LT supercar in Bengaluru [Video]

McLaren 765 LT supercar vs scooter accident

Spotting a supercar in India is not a very common occurrence. Hence, when a multi-crore supercar is seen being driven around the city, people get excited and want to get as close to these vehicles as possible. However, this becomes a problem for the owners of these vehicles, and this is why they drive around with security cars and guards. Recently, one such supercar owner had to endure an accident with a scooter rider in the city of Bangalore when the scooter rider crashed into his McLaren 765 LT coupe worth Rs 12 crore.

The video of this McLaren and scooter crash comes courtesy of Vihan Ramchandra from Instagram. In this short three-second video, it can be noted that this Rs 12 crore McLaren 765 LT supercar was being driven by its owner on a single-lane road. The road was quite crowded, and we can see the scooter rider and pillion crashing into the rear of the supercar. And how did that happen? Because a KTM Duke rider hit the scooter!

From this short video, it is very hard to understand who was at fault for this accident. Maybe the scooterist was randomly passing by and the KTM rider was chasing the McLaren supercar – or maybe both the scooterist and the biker were car spotters who got overexcited seeing the McLaren and chasing it. Or maybe both were totally innocent – there is no way to say for sure.

In India’s metros, whenever a supercar makes an appearance on the road, there are always people who get overexcited and chase it, trying to shoot reels or pictures alongside the car.

This McLaren owner has received a lot of criticism

Scooter crashes into Rs 12 crore Mclaren 765 LT supercar in Bengaluru [Video]

For those who may not be aware, the owner of this Rs 11 crore McLaren 765 LT is Ranjit Sundermurthy, commonly known as RSM. He is an entrepreneur who used to live in Bangalore, Karnataka. However, he has now shifted to Dubai and occasionally arrives in Bangalore with his supercars. This time around, he has brought his McLaren 765 LT coupe via carnet from Dubai. This particular supercar has been spotted being driven around the city on numerous occasions, and most of the time, this vehicle is guarded by a number of security personnel who drive around in a Toyota Innova MPV.

Scooter crashes into Rs 12 crore Mclaren 765 LT supercar in Bengaluru [Video]

As for the criticism, a lot of netizens online in previous videos where RSM was seen with security guards claimed that he is showing off his wealth. This was said as these guards were ordered to surround the vehicle whenever it stopped at any fuel station or traffic signal or any other spot. However, in the comment section of this particular video, a lot of people have now sided with the owner and said that they now understand the need for security guards when such an expensive vehicle is being driven around the city of Bangalore, which is known for its traffic.

McLaren 765 LT Coupe

Scooter crashes into Rs 12 crore Mclaren 765 LT supercar in Bengaluru [Video]

As for the car in the video, as mentioned above, it is a McLaren 765 LT coupe. This limited-production supercar is the more hardcore, track-focused version of the standard McLaren 720S supercar, which is already an extremely fast car. The McLaren 765 LT Spider comes powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 petrol engine. The engine generates a maximum power of 765 PS and 800 Nm of peak torque. It comes paired with a 7-speed sequential gearbox, and all the power is sent to the rear wheels. McLaren 765 LT is limited to 765 units.