Watch the Mclaren Speedtail hypercar take on a F35-B fighter jet in a high speed race [Video]

We have featured many drag races, highway top speed races on our website. Most of the time the race is between motorcycle, cars or sometimes both. Most of these races are also conducted on an empty stretch of road or a highway. Here we have a video that shows a very unique type of race between two entirely different machines. The video that is posted below shows a high speed race between a hypercar and a fighter aircraft. This is entirely different from what we have featured on our website and is one of a kind of race.

The video has been uploaded by Top Gear on their youtube channel. The participants in this race is a Mclaren Speedtail hyper car and a F35-B fighter jet. Both look beautiful and are powerful in their own ways. Starting with the Mclaren Speedtail, it is a beautiful looking powerful piece of machinery which is powered by a 4.0 litre V8 and an electric motor. Both electric motor and IC engine jointly generate a maximum of 1035 Bhp and 1150 Nm of peak torque. The speedtail is very quick and can accelerate from 0 to 299 kmph mark in just 12.8 seconds and is almost 4 seconds quicker than the Mclaren P1.

The Fighter Jet F35 on the other hand is marvelous piece of engineering in itself. It is a powerful machine too and has features like stealth mode and is also capable of landing vertically on an aircraft carrier. The F35-B is one of the most sophisticated aircraft and has a top speed of around 2,000 kmph.

Watch the Mclaren Speedtail hypercar take on a F35-B fighter jet in a high speed race [Video]

The race is set on an airfield and the track is set in the shape of a triangle which will make things challenging for both aircraft and the hypercar. First one to complete the lap around the triangle wins the race. Both, Mclaren Speedtail and F35-B come to the starting line and as soon as the race starts, Mclaren takes the lead as it took the aircraft some time to build the thrust to take off.  in some time, the F35 was in the air and in no time, It flew past the Mclaren at the first corner. From there onwards F35 took the until the last left hander.

He could not take the sharp left turn in air as it was too tight, he went straight and huge turn before coming back to track, as the jet was busy is turning, Mclaren caught up and was fastly moving towards the finish line. For a moment it looked like F35 was taking too much time to turn and Mclaren would win this challenge. But in no time, the jet caught up and won the race with still Mclaren behind. No matter how powerful the Mclaren Speedtail is, it was no match to the sheer power of the F35-B fighter jet.


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