Meet Balvinder Sahni, billionaire businessman whose Rolls Royces have numbers costing tens of crores [Video]

There are several millionaires and billionaires in Dubai living a lavish life, and their exquisite car collections depict their ultra-rich lifestyles. One such billionaire from Dubai is Balvinder Singh Sahni, an Indian-origin businessman living in Dubai, who possesses a collection of expensive Rolls-Royce cars. What makes these cars even more special are their super-expensive registration number plates, which cost even more than some of the most expensive cars sold in the world.

Also known by his nickname “Abu Salah,” Balvinder Singh Sahni provided a glimpse of his super-exclusive cars with expensive registration number plates and his lavish lifestyle through a YouTube video on the channel “Mo Vlogs.” Abu Salah, the founder and chairman of RSG Group of companies, which primarily operates businesses in the automotive, real estate, and industrial equipment sectors in the Middle East, showcases his fleet of Rolls-Royce cars in the video, all of which feature expensive registration number plates.

Abu Salah’s expensive car collection primarily comprises Rolls-Royce cars, including a couple of Cullinans and Phantom VIII sedans. All these Rolls-Royce cars, which are priced at more than Rs 5-6 crores, come with expensive number plates featuring single-digit and double-digit numbers like “1” and “27.” The costs of these expensive number plates vary between $8-10 million (around Rs 60-84 crore) – much more than the cost of even the Rolls-Royce cars on which they are affixed.

Bought the D5 registration a few months ago

Meet Balvinder Sahni, billionaire businessman whose Rolls Royces have numbers costing tens of crores [Video]

Abu Salah made headlines a few months ago for buying a new Rolls-Royce Cullinan, for which he chose the registration number “Dubai D 5.” While the price of his Cullinan – roughly Rs 10 crore – might surprise many people, the extravagant cost of its number plate left many jaws dropping. The price of the registration number plates for this Cullinan is a whopping $17 million (around Rs 142 crore).

In addition to his Rolls-Royces, Abu Salah also showcases his black-colored Mercedes-AMG G63, which also features a unique single-digit number. He also presents the interior of his lavish home, featuring expensive and bespoke furniture made with valuable craftsmanship by Bentley. All the pieces of furniture, including the tables, lounges, chairs, and cushions, bear Bentley badges imprinted or stamped on them.

The living room of his house also houses an ultra-rare limited-edition Bugatti Chiron made entirely of carbon fiber. In the video, Salah mentions that he has never driven this Bugatti, as it has always remained parked in his living room. Unlike the other cars in his collection, this rare Chiron has no registration plate on it, as it is not meant for driving and serves more as a showpiece for his living room.

Image source: LuxuryLaunches