Enfield Classic 350 modified into a chopper

Meet IMMY: Delhi’s finest modified Royal Enfield Classic 350

Terms like modification and customisation go hand in hand with Royal Enfield – this has to be the most commonly modified motorcycle brand in India and each week we bring you examples from around the country. Today it’s the IMMY, brainchild of Onkarpreet Singh Saggu who runs one of Delhi’s oldest customisation outlets, Modbike. The IMMY is based on the Classic 350 and as expected, shares only the engine with the donor bike.

The IMMY is one long bike and this is necessary to give it an American-ish chopper look. Onkar has always worked hard to make sure his creations remain technically sound so that the bike does not let down the owner in the long run. Hence, in spite of the extended wheelbase, I was impressed with how agile the bike was, minimal chain snatch and simply no flex at all. Credit for this also goes to the custom double cradle frame, Yamaha FZ-borrowed front suspension with custom covers to give it the look of USDs and twin R15 sourced mono-shocks at the rear.

Attention to detail is great and this bike can actually shame a brand new Enfield out of the showroom floors in certain areas. I kid you not! In terms of design, the bike gets LED front lights, 110mm front and 190mm rear tyres, twin-fuel tank set up that works, custom seats and clever placing of the indicators at either end.

The engine is stock and has been left as such though the bike sounds LOUD thanks to custom exhausts. Of course it’s not road legal and certainly can get you in trouble easily. That apart, I was quite surprised by the bike’s abilities around our shoot location as it pulled seamlessly from 20 kmph in the 4th cog. Brakes worked well, thanks to bits taken from Yamaha’s models. Part sharing with mass bikes also makes sure that owners can take care of their choppers easily without having to visit Modbike again and again. Onkarpreet says every bike he makes is based on personal requirements and hence, exclusive. A bike like IMMY will set you back by about Rs 3 lacs, excluding the donor bike of course.