Meet India’s first Maruti Swift with ventilated seats [Video]

The Maruti Suzuki Swift is one of the most popular mid-size hatchbacks in the country. This hatchback is equally popular in India as well as around the world for its youthful design, peppy engine and great looks. For all these reasons, this has been a vehicle of choice for many who love to modify cars. We have seen several modified Maruti Swifts in the past and here we have one such wild looking modified Swift that is fitted with ventilated seats for front passengers.

The video has been uploaded by Rahul Singh on his youtube channel. We have seen modification video of this very same Maruti Swift in the past where it got yellow colour wrap with carbon fibre inserts on pillars. Whole car has been totally transformed and has been tastefully modified. Both exterior and interior has been customised and is definitely one of the cooler looking modified Swifts in the country.

In this video, the vlogger talks about another modification that he is making in the car. He is basically removing the stock seats and installing ventilation feature in it. For this purpose, the seats are completely removed and the whole seat is redesigned to provide more support to the back, side and under the thigh area. Once the seats are redesigned, the customiser covers it with white perforated leatherette like material with black highlights. This enhances the overall look of the car and gives it a premium look.

Meet India’s first Maruti Swift with ventilated seats [Video]

The seats after all the modification now offers couple of new features that are currently not offered in any other Swift or any other car in the segment. First is the ventilation feature. Both, driver and co-passenger seats now get ventilation feature which comes in handy especially in a country like ours. This is probably the first Maruti Swift in the country to get this ventilated seat feature.

Next modification done to the seat is that it can be reclined or adjusted electrically to get a proper driving position. Another unique feature that is not available in any car of this segment is a massager function. The vlogger has installed an aftermarket massager function for the seats which is working absolutely fine according to the vlogger. All these modifications are neatly done and give the cabin a premium feel. While the video does not say anything about the price of this particular modification, you may get in touch with the customizer for pricing details.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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