Meet India’s first MPV – the Kajah Kazwa, released decades before MPVs like Innova, Ertiga

India is a growing market for automobile manufacturers and we have recently seen several new vehicles and brand entering our market. In late nineties when Hindustan Motors, Maruti and other manufacturers where ruling Indian roads. It was at this time, Kerala-based beedi manufacturer and ayurvedic healthcare service provider, Rajah group decided to enter the automobile sector. They worked on their first product which was an MPV named Kazwa. It was supposed to go on sale in Indian market but, due to various factors, the manufacture had to put a stop on production.

Here we have a video about one of the three Kajah Kazwa MPVs that is left in the country. The video has been uploaded by Talking Cars on their YouTube channel. In this video, both video presenters explore the Kajah Kazwa inside out.

One of the things that the vloggers talk about the Kazwa is its design. It was a well thought out vehicle when it comes to design. Rajah Motors (now known as Kajah Motors) had launched this vehicle back in 1998 and in comparison to other vehicles in the market, Kazwa had a futuristic design. Even today, the design of this MPV does not look dated.

The design was inspired from many other vehicles like Renault Espace which is not a wrong thing. The main attraction of Kajah Kazwa is its large quarte glass on the A pillar which completely eliminates blind spot. The window line is quite low and that offers a good view to the passenger sitting inside the cabin. Kajah Motors had received orders for Kazwa and could only manufacture seven. Out of these seven only three of them are still there in the country and all three of them belong to Kajah group.

Meet India’s first MPV – the Kajah Kazwa, released decades before MPVs like Innova, Ertiga

Kajah Kazwa had used components from other cars but, the chassis was a custom made unit. The body of the Kajah Kazwa was made from fiberglass which means the body won’t rust like other cars. These fiberglass panels were fixed on steel sheets for stability. The engine, braking and suspension was supplied from Hindustan Motors. It was one of the vehicles that offered optional features to its customers.

Kajah Kazwa offered sunroof, powered ORVMs, alloy wheels as an option. Other than these, Kajah Kazwa also came with features like dual AC, power steering, power windows, central locking features as standard. The one that is seen in the video gets a wired spoke rims which look extremely good on the MPV. Kazwa also came with two engine options. There was non-turbo and turbocharged 2.0 litre diesel engine. In terms of space, Kajah Kazwa is better than any other car that is present in the market today.

It is wider than a Toyota Innova and large window area gives cabin an airy feel. The seats were wide and offered good support to the passengers and even the fabric used on it was of good quality. Overall, Kajah Kazwa was a great product which was probably way ahead of its time. With the arrival of Toyota Qualis in 2000 the marker scenario completely changed. This could have also been a reason why Kazwa was not commercially successful even after being a great product.