A Toyota Innova that has done more than 10 Lakh Kms!

A vehicle reaching 10 lakh km on the odometer is surely a big deal. We don’t see it every day but if there’s a car that can cover so much distance on the Indian roads, it has to be a Toyota Innova. We have seen some highest run Innova in India and as most of them work in the cab fleets, they do have a lot of kilometres on the odometer in a short period of time. Here is one Toyota Innova that has covered a total distance of 10 lakh km, the highest one that we have seen in recent times.

The picture of the car and the odometer reading is uploaded by Anaamalais Toyota, Kerala. They are a retail chain of authorised Toyota dealerships and service centres and are quite popular in the Southern part of the country. One of the most interesting parts about the pictures shared on the social media platform is the registration number. It is a white registration number that suggests that the car belongs to a private owner. Taxis and commercial vehicles in India have yellow registration plates.

The vehicle belongs to Velmurugan V and it was registered in July 2007. The picture was shared last year so the distance of 10 lakh km was covered by the owner in just 13 years of time. On average, the owner has covered more than 76,000 km every year and that is a big number. We are not sure about the purpose of this vehicle and how did the owner use the vehicle to cover so much distance in so less time. The vehicle is still operating smoothly and there are no problems as per the social media post.

Innova doing lakhs of kilometres is common

Next time you use a commercial Innova, just ask the driver to tell you the odometer reading. You will be surprised that most Innova on the roads have done more than a couple of lakh km and still feel like new. Nonetheless, there are plenty of cars that have covered lakhs of kilometres including the Mahindra Scorpio but most of them are Toyota Innova MPVs. It should be noted that the digital odometers stop at the 9,99,999 km mark as there is no provision to show further reading. That is why it is showing the maximum distance it can show.

Toyota’s high reliability comes from the D-4D diesel engine that powers the Innova Crysta and the Fortuner in the Indian market. It is a world-renowned engine and it has won many international awards too. The engine is known for its reliability and long life. There are quite a few options available under the D-4D family. The Toyota Innova uses a 2.5-litre four-cylinder diesel engine. With all the scheduled service and good driving habits, you can achieve the lakhs of kilometres target in any car. The post does not mention any major repairs though.

Diesel engines have the potential to last much longer than petrol engines. That’s because of the diesel fuel’s property. Since diesel acts a lubricant and keeps the engine smooth, petrol fuel has a detergent property. It means that petrol fuel has a tendency to wash away the lubricants coating the surface of the components, which causes faster wear and tear compared to diesel engines. Typically, a diesel engine can last from 2.5 lakh to 3 lakh km without any problem. However, regular service and maintenance should be provided to the car and the engine as well.