Car thieves stole Fortuners & sold them for Rs. 4 lakh each [Video]

Car thefts are quite common in India. In the past, many interstate gangs have been arrested but more such gangs keep on coming. Here is a gang that used to sell stolen Toyota Fortuners for just Rs 4 lakh. Here are the details.

The gang was caught by Delhi Police. They used to work only when someone showed interest to buy a car in Assam. The gang never used to keep the stolen car with themselves. As soon as the car was stolen, they used to transport it to Assam and hand it over to the customer.

The gang only targeted the Toyota Fortuner SUVs. They picked up the Fortuner from various parts of Delhi and NCR. The police swung into action after a Toyota Fortuner was stolen from the Punjabi Bagh area of West Delhi. After the incident, police scanned the CCTV and located the car at Uttam Nagar. However, they found out that the thieves have changed the registration plates of the SUV.

To catch the thieves, the police formed teams who were on the lookout for anyone who came to pick up this Fortuner. After about 15 hours of waiting, they caught the people who came to take the parked Fortuner from Uttam Nagar. The team caught the thief identified as Deepak. He came in an Ola cab to the destination. As soon as the cops caught Deepak, the cab driver who dropped him started to rush and leave the location. Another police team waiting in the vicinity caught the Ola driver too. A third person was caught when these two confessed.

30 Fortuners stolen

Car thieves stole Fortuners & sold them for Rs. 4 lakh each [Video]

The police team seized a lot of high-tech equipment from these thieves. According to the police, they found vacuum systems that were used to break the glasses and jammers that were used to silence the alarms. The gang had sold about 30 Toyota Fortuner SUVs till now. The police, however, did not reveal the total number of cars that were recovered from them. The cops have found two unsold Toyota Fortuners from them that they were yet to transport to Assam.

In many cases, the thieves sell the parts of the vehicles after dismantling them. This is when tracking the stolen vehicles becomes almost impossible. Many thieves even sell the car after exporting it illegally to neighbouring countries like Nepal. This is why a GPS-based security device has become a necessity in any car in India. While there are a few cars in the market that now offer a factory-fitted GPS security system, the majority of the vehicles do not get them. A GPS-based device will tell you the real-time location of the car and also allows the owner to turn off the car remotely just by using a mobile phone.

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