Meet the Kerala auto driver who won Rs. 12 crore from a lottery ticket

There are many stories of people winning lotteries and then how they changed the life of these people. Here, is such a story where an auto driver of Kochi won a lottery. The prize of the lottery was Rs. 12 Crores. The lottery was hosted by Onam Bumper.

Meet the Kerala auto driver who won Rs. 12 crore from a lottery ticket

Jayapalan bought the lottery ticket of Onam Bumper. He was very busy because he was working for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday celebration. He was completely baffled when he saw the number of tickets being announced on the television screen. However, he did not lose his calm and controlled his emotion.

He could not sleep that night. Jayapalan only told her mother about winning the lottery. He waited for the next morning and Mathrubhumi to confirm the lottery ticket number once again. Mathrubhumi is a newspaper company that printed the winning lottery ticket number.

Jayapalan said “I was blank after knowing the results. I cross-checked many times whether the number of my ticket and the one that won first prize were the same or or not. I just told my mother about winning the lottery but did not mention the prize money. I came back home, had food and went to bed. Many questioned danced in my mind like where and with whom should I go with the ticket the next day. It was a sleepless night for me”

His wife’s name is Mani and he has two sons. The elder one is Vaisakh and the younger one’s name is Vishnu. Mani and Vaisakh were on night duty when he won the lottery. Vishnu was studying in Kozhikode at that time. So, Jayapalan was alone with his mother Lakshmi. So, he told her about the lottery but did not mention the prize amount.

Jayapalan’s wife and son did not believe at first that they have won Rs. 12 Crore lottery. He had to prove it by showing the lottery ticket number in the Mathrubhumi Daily newspaper. Then he went to the Bank. He took his relative with him who works in Revenue Department.

At first, the bank officials did not believe Jayapalan. Then he submitted the lottery ticket and other details to get the receipt. Some of the bank officials and other people started asking him for deposits and financial help when they got to know he has won a lottery.

Jayapalan on the other hand has a clear idea about what he will be doing with the prize money. He comes from a poor family and he has a lot of debts on him that he needs to repay. Some of his relatives are also not financially strong. He also believes in the Vishnu temple that is nearby his house. Jayapalan goes there every day so he will be donating some of the prize money there.

He said, “I belong to a very poor family. The debts taken for constructing this house and buying the autorickshaw are yet to be repaid. So, I have to clear all the debts. I’ll give a small amount to my close family members and relatives who are financially low”

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