Meet the Made-in-India Hyperion-1 sportscar, the DC Avanti challenger

Meet the Made-in-India Hyperion-1 sportscar, the DC Avanti challenger

Motormind Design of Bangalore headed by Shahid Haq, showcased a very interesting concept at the just-concluded Auto Expo of 2016. Dubbed the Hyperion-1, Motormind unveiled what seems like India’s very own KTM X-Bow. Well, the Hyperion-1 is still a concept but with some luck could soon be put into production.

Motormind Hyperion 1 4

As and when it hits the road, the sportscar is expected to take on the DC Avanti, India’s first and only homegrown sportscar that’s on sale currently. In concept guise, the Hyperion-1 features a V6 petrol engine from the Hyundai Sonata, mounted at the rear, and driving the rear wheels.

Motormind Hyperion 1 3

The car features a twin seat layout, with a futuristic design that derives inspiration from F1 cars. It’s intended to bridge the gap between road and race cars. In other words, it could give its driver and passenger high performance, and that wind-in-the-hair feeling, while offering a sharp price tag and enough ground clearance for regular roads.

Motormind Hyperion 1 11

The car features a bunch of carbon fiber bits, and also 3D printed parts. 3D printing is the rage across the manufacturing world, and a lot of marques now use it to put together custom built parts for low volume cars. The edgy looking car also gets scissor doors to add some more visual drama.