Meet the Mahindra Thar that wants to be a Hummer

Meet the Mahindra Thar that wants to be a Hummer

The Hummer H2 is iconic vehicle that has a huge fan following across the world. In India, celebrities such as Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Suniel Shetty own Hummers, only increasing this butch SUV’s appeal. But everyone can’t buy a Hummer considering how pricey a private import can be. For those who don’t take no for an answer, there’s SP Custom Design.

SP Custom Design Hummer Thar 1

This design house has come up with a customized Mahindra Thar, which seems inspired by the Hummer. Almost everything about this custom job is extreme, right from the stance of the vehicle to the size of the tyres used. The idea was to build a monster of an SUV based on the Thar, and SP Custom Design seems to have pulled it off spectacularly. Although the design may be a little too loud for most, it does the job of getting people to gawk at it.

SP Custom Design Hummer Thar 4

The custom vehicle gets a slanted roof, to make for coupe crossover appearance. 10.5 inch Maxxis Bighorn tyres are standard, and sit on GT wheels. The soft top of the Thar makes way for a hard top, and the custom vehicle gets a matte grey paint job. The front and rear styling mimics that of a Hummer, which means that the grille, bumpers, fenders and headlamps are all new, custom items.