Meet the man who makes Mahindra Thars DANCE [Video]

You must have seen a lot of videos of big SUVs hopping around on the roads attracting a lot of attention. While there are many kits available in the international market that can make the car hop while standing in one position using hydraulics, here is a man who makes the car hop without the help of any extra device or hydraulics.

The person who is famously known as Kashmiri owns a Toyota Fortuner and a Mahindra Thar. Both the SUVs are heavily modified and he rents these vehicles out for weddings across India. The vehicles have been modified to play loud music and there are a plethora of lights on the car to attract all the attention. While everyone wonders how to make a car hop on the road, the person did it with a vehicle that has no suspension upgrades or hydraulic kit installed.

The person first shows the hopping with his own modified Thar and makes the vehicle jump quite high. He then gets into a regular Mahindra Thar that does not have any modifications done to the suspension and makes it jump.

So how does it happen?

It is all about controlling the accelerator and modulate it in a way that the front wheels become airborne for a microsecond. When the vehicle comes down, the suspension recoils and throws it back. By using the recoil force, he makes the consecutive jumps higher. It should be noted that such a move is only possible in RWD vehicles. Both Toyota Fortuner and the Mahindra Thar seen here are 4X4 and when the 4X2 mode is engaged, the SUV becomes RWD. However, it should be noted that doing such a manoeuvre can damage the suspension of the car and reduce life considerably.

Now coming to his modified Thar, it is undoubtedly one of the most visually extreme modifications that you will see. Starting from the front, the car gets a steel bumper with integrated fog lamps and aftermarket headlamps with integrated DRLs. The car also gets auxiliary lamps on the top of the vehicle at the front and the rear.

The Thar also gets a snorkel in the front and there are customised steps to get inside the vehicle. At the rear, special brackets have been made to install aftermarket brake lamps that make the Thar look very modern. The cabin also gets a lot of changes including a new colour theme and multiple speakers with sub-woofers and tweeters.