Meet the man who restores old Royal Enfield motorcycles: Makes them look and feel brand new [Video]

Royal Enfield motorcycles have a huge fan base in India and around the world. It is one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers in the world that is still in production. The manufacturer is known for manufacturing motorcycles with a retro design. The Royal Enfield Bullet and Classic series are some of the most popular models from the manufacturer. Over the years, Royal Enfield has made many changes to the engine and design of the motorcycle to make it more appealing and compatible with the emission norms. There are many people who still love the older versions of the Bullet and some of them own it too. Here we have a video of a workshop in Punjab that specifically works on restoring Bullets and making them look like new.

The video has been uploaded by the Iam hero YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger talks to the owner of the workshop who has been restoring Bullet motorcycles for years now. The name of the workshop is Sajawal Enfield Works in Jalandhar, Punjab. People in this state have a special love for old jeeps and Bullet motorcycles, and we have seen the same in many videos in the past. In this video, the vlogger starts by showing two vintage Royal Enfield motorcycles that had arrived at the workshop for restoration work.

Both were used by the army at one point in time. The vlogger speaks to the owner, and he explains why people still want the older generation Bullet motorcycles. The newer models are not as heavy and don’t feel as sturdy as the older version. The “thump” which Royal Enfield motorcycles are known for is missing in the new versions. These are some of the reasons why old Bullet motorcycles still have a huge demand in the market.

Meet the man who restores old Royal Enfield motorcycles: Makes them look and feel brand new [Video]
Restored Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles

The owner of the workshop mentions that he has been working in this industry for years now and that he was also trained by Royal Enfield at their manufacturing plant in Chennai. As part of the restoration process, they completely dismantle the motorcycle and work on each panel separately to avoid any issues in the future. It is definitely a time-consuming process, but it does offer good results at the end. Each and every panel is carefully restored and painted to achieve the look of a brand new motorcycle.

He mentions that the metal parts on the army Bullets can be restored without any issue but, in many later models, they would have to either replace them or fabricate some of the parts. The video shows a couple of motorcycles on which the work was completed, and testing was going on. Just like in any case, the price of these customizations also depends upon the choices that the customer makes. The basic price for a Royal Enfield restoration starts at around Rs 1.5 lakh. It may sound too much when compared with a brand new Royal Enfield motorcycle, but people who are opting for these motorcycles do not want the new ones.

The video mentions that the workshop has already sent around 25 Bullet motorcycles to customers living abroad. Some of the motorcycles seen here in the video were being prepared to be sent to Canada, America, and even Italy. The finished product looks brilliant, and they all look like brand new Bullet motorcycles that have rolled out from the production line.