Meet the man with India’s largest private collection of vintage Mercedes Benz cars [Video]

Mercedes-Benz is India’s largest luxury car manufacturer in India. They currently have a long list of vehicles in their portfolio. It is a good mix of sedan and SUVs. Just like any other brand, Mercedes-Benz also has a goof fanbase in India. There are people who have multiple Mercedes-Benz models in their garage but, there are some who have a soft corner for classic models and have collected them over the years. Here we have a video of a man from Punjab who probaby has the largest private collection of vintage Mercedes-Benz cars in India.

The video has been uploaded by Dayakaran vlogs on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger talks to Sukh Taggar who owns several classic Mercedes-Benz models. He mentions that, his father started a factory that used to manufacture hand tools. After sometime, he bought a luxury car and he really liked the car. That is where his love for Mercedes-Benz started. He then slowly started collecting Mercedes-Benz models one after the other and now has several classic models in it. Sukh Taggar also has passion for cars and is continuing what his father started.

The first car in the video is a Mercedes-Benz W123 sedan. Sukh can be heard saying that, in most of the cases, they buy the Mercedes-Benz and have to do minor restoration work and detailing to bring back the car to its original glory. They first W123 in the video is finished in a light shade of blue and that looks absolutely neat. This is a model that was sold in England, so it is a right hand drive model. He also had couple of more W123s in the garage which were made in Germany. Those cars had steering wheel on the other side.

Meet the man with India’s largest private collection of vintage Mercedes Benz cars [Video]

Not just the exterior, interior of these vehicles were also well maintained. Most of them still have the original upholstery, which was offered from the factory. It looks like Sukh has a special place for 123s as most of the cars in the collection are that. other than the 123s, a W124 is also shown in the video. The owner mentions that this was a rare find as the model seen her came with a long rear bumper. Along with the cars, the original owners manual and service book of the cars are also kept. Taking care of such vintage cars is actually a task in itself. Finding parts and maintaining them can be a time and money consuming process. As Sukh has multiple Mercedes-Benz in his garage, he relies on a friend who has a workshop that specifically works on vintage and luxury cars. Whenever, he encounters an issue, the car is taken to the garage and either fixed and the part is imported to be replaced. As these cars are very rare on our roads, Sukh often rents these vehicles for video shoots. They have a Mercedes-Benz owners group and the sticker of the same is stuck on the winshield of these vehicles too. Nt only Mercedes-Benz, Sukh also has other luxury cars in his garage. Overall, the cars look well-maintained and mostly original.