Meet the Royal Enfield that runs on pedal power [Video]

Royal Enfield is a very popular and aspirational motorcycle brand for many in India. They have a variety of models in the market and Classic 350 is one of the popular among them. Royal Enfield motorcycles are popular in the modification circle too. We have seen several examples of neatly modified Royal Enfield motorcycles from different parts of the country. Some of them are modified to such an extent that the bike does not even look like Royal Enfield anymore. Here we have a very different-looking Royal Enfield motorcycle that actually runs on pedal power instead of petrol.

The video has been shared by kamal__official08 on their Instagram page. The video shows a Royal Enfield Classic 350 motorcycle. everything about the bike looks good till you look down. That is when you realise that this is actually not a Royal Enfield motorcycle but a cycle with a Classic 350 body on it. The concept looks quite fun and can easily fool anyone from a distance. This is probably the only Royal Enfield motorcycle in the country that runs on pedal power. This is actually not a simple job. The cycle has used several parts from the original motorcycle.

The headlamp, front forks, spoke wheels at both front and rear, fuel tank and seats were all taken from a Classic 350 motorcycle. if you look at the upper portion of the motorcycle, everything looks fine. When you come down, you realise that the area where the engine is normally seen is empty. The chassis of the motorcycle has been cut for this modification. The metal frame that runs under the engine of the motorcycle has been cut and a V-shaped frame from a cycle has been attached to it. There is a sprocket and pedal just like a bicycle.

Meet the Royal Enfield that runs on pedal power [Video]

The chain used on this Royal Enfield cycle is not different from a regular one. The chain is connected to the sprocket on the rear wheels. It looks like the original sprocket on the rear wheel of the Classic 350 was replaced with a unit from the cycle. The rider is effortlessly seen pedaling the cycle through the road. The seating position of the rider is also not very different from the motorcycle as the pedal has been positioned in such a manner. The rear of the cycle also looks like a regular Classic 350 with round tail lamps and a mudguard. We have seen several Indian jugaads in the past but this one is different from them all.

We had seen a video of a kid from Kerala where he attached the front-end of an old Bajaj Chetak scooter to his cycle. We have seen people doing similar stuff to bicycles online. Most of them are from countries like Thailand. The exact reason why owner of this Classic 350 did do such a modification is not clear. It is definitely a fun or cool-looking project. We won’t be surprised if the owner was fed up with rising fuel prices and decided to shift to a cycle without actually compromising on the looks.