Meet the Royal Indian ‘100cc Bullet’ motorcycle [Video]

Royal Enfield has gained a cult status in India and around the world for its timeless motorcycles. Even though the Royal Enfield bikes are equally popular among the youths and the experienced riders in India, the most affordable Royal Enfield bike is priced at Rs. 1.14 lakh. The big fat price tag keeps many away from the bike. So what is the solution?

Meet the Bullet 100cc

The motorcycle seen here is a 100cc motorcycle that gets the Royal Enfield Bullet design. It is basically a rip-off of the popular motorcycle by Royal Enfield. The design copy is illegal but we are not sure if the information about the new bike has reached Royal Enfield. The bike has been designed by Royal Udo, a Bhubaneshwar-based automotive design brand that has also designed various other aftermarket bikes.

The fuel tank of the 100cc motorcycle shows extreme similarities to the Royal Enfield Bullet model. It even gets the same font type but the text written on the tank is “Royal Indian”. The tank also gets the rubber protectors similar to the original Bullet. There are other styling similarities too. For example, the seat design, the battery cover and the tool box cover and the rear fender all look similar to the original Bullet. The rear of the seat also mentions the word – “Bullet”.

Meet the Royal Indian ‘100cc Bullet’ motorcycle [Video]

It even gets spoke wheels on steel rims, a round headlamp and a round instrument cluster. The exhaust also looks similar to the aftermarket exhaust that most Royal Enfield bikes use. However, the similarities end when one gets a look at the engine of the bike. It is an all-black engine with a kick start on the side.

The person who is making the video also starts the motorcycle. Initially, the motorcycle does not start even after repeated attempts of kick-starting. Later when it starts, the sound from the exhaust gives a deep, thick note trying to imitate the signature exhaust note of the Royal Enfield motorcycles. However, a bike lover would be able to distinguish between the two easily.

The 100cc, single-cylinder bike gets a price tag of Rs. 70,000. The engine output and other details like the warranty and after-sales service are not known. Even the engine manufacturer is not known. The legendary Royal Enfield Bullet is the longest production motorcycle in the world. It is available in both 346cc and 500cc engines. The 346cc engine produces a maximum of 19.8 Bhp and 28 Nm. The 499cc powered Bullet gets 27.2 Bhp and 41.3 Nm. Both the bikes get a 5-speed transmission. Even though the Royal Enfield bikes are priced at a premium, their aura and the magic cannot be copied.