Meet the sexiest scramblers of India

Do you remember Steve McQueen trying to evade in one of his most popular films The Great Escape? If yes, then you would also be able to recall his choice of wheels — a Triumph. He not only managed to pick up speed he was able to outrun the military, too. And although the film-makers decided his (ill) fate in the movie, they also showcased how versatile Scramblers actually are. We take a look at the modified Scramblers based on motorcycles in India. You know, just in case, you happened to land in the enemy territory and wanted to jump a fence or two…

Starting with the old-school, white-smoke-emitting, two-stroke monsters:

Baby Blue by IRONic


Based on a Yamaha RX135, the Baby Blue by IRONic uses a stripped out RX chassis, larger wheels, new upholstery, a handlebar from the RD350, and of course, a new, rectangular headlamp.  The expansion chamber and high-set exhaust adds to the design, too. The exposed monoshock and the lack of panels add to the character.

And just in case you were planning to jump fences:


Yambam by Nomad Motorcycle


Bam! The Nomad Motorcycle-built, Yamaha RX100-based Scrambler is off-road oriented, but doesn’t lack in style. The camouflage tank, black, powder coating for the essentials, and the non-perforated disc brake up front take care of aesthetics. In terms of mechanicals, the Yambam is equipped with a dual monoshock suspension at the rear, has disc brakes both at the front and the rear, has a wider handlebar, and also an expansion chamber. And just so you know, the camouflage pattern actually has the map of India, Maharashtra, and Pune. What else would you want!

Scrambler Eight by Motoexotica

Motoexotica's Yamaha RD350 Scrambler Eight 7

Winner of the best custom design award at last year’s India Bike Week (2015), the Scrambler Eight by Motoexotica is based on an RD350. Apart from knobby tyres, huge expansion chambers (two of those, of course), and custom bits and bobs — headlight, tank, swingarm, foot pegs, headlamp, and even front forks, to name a few — ensure that you don’t mistake it for a regular RD. While we aren’t yet sure if you would want to jump fences with this one, but this could be a modern-day McQueen’s choice of wheels — it’s that cool!

ST500 by JC Moto

JC Moto's ST500 Scrambler 1

If you’ve noticed Joshua Crasto happens to be a favourite — his creations are a regular in our custom motorcycle lists. And the ST500 is no different. Based on a Royal Enfield Classic 500, the bike is a stripped out street-tracker, and all it needs to get McQueen-ready is a pair of off-road knobby tyres. The engine is largely unchanged — makes 27.2 hp — but thanks to being about 40 kilos lighter, the bike is said to be way more spirited. It comes with a straight handlebar, straight off a Yamaha FZ, a narrow seat, and other custom bits.

Desert Flower by Moto Dubai

Royal Enfield Desert Flower Scrambler 1

Made in Dubai, but based on an India-made Royal Enfield 500. But one glance at it and not much of the original RE is left, save for the powertrain. It uses an extended chassis, a custom fuel tank, a single-seat, knobby tyres, a custom headlamp and handlebars, and of course, a carburettor instead of the standard fuel injection unit. The result is pretty amazing.

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