Meet the Tata Sumo transformed into a Mercedes G63 AMG! [Video]

Tata Sumo Converted into Mercedes G63 AMG

The Mercedes G63 AMG, or more commonly known as the G-Wagon, is one of the most popular SUVs in the world. Over the years, its popularity has also grown in India. Like every other car, many people wish to own and drive one themselves. However, with a price tag of Rs 3.30 crore, it is not feasible for everyone to get their hands on one. Therefore, many people have started modifying their regular Indian SUVs to look like the Mercedes G-Wagon. In this video, one such model has been created, which is based on Tata’s mighty Sumo SUV, which has now been discontinued.

The video of this Tata Sumo’s conversion into a Mercedes G63 AMG has been shared on YouTube by Magneto 11 on their channel. The video starts with shots of the car from all angles on the outside and inside. Following the B-roll, the presenter then starts describing the SUV. He starts off at the front of the SUV and mentions that the complete front of the standard Tata Sumo has been replaced with custom-built parts to resemble a Mercedes G63 AMG. He mentions that the front bumper, grille, and headlight mounts have been custom fabricated in metal to give it the G-Wagon appearance.

He adds that the rectangular headlights of the original Sumo have been replaced with round LED headlamps with DRLs. He then states that the bonnet of the car has also been replaced, along with the fenders and its extended wheel arches. The presenter mentions that all the extra parts that have been added have been created out of metal. A custom-built scoop on the bonnet is also shown by the presenter. Moving on, he adds that a metal side step has also been added to the car for easier ingress.

Meet the Tata Sumo transformed into a Mercedes G63 AMG! [Video]

Following this, he then moves to the rear of the car and adds that a new bumper has been designed to complete the look in the rear. Additionally, a set of custom taillamps have also been added to the SUV. He mentions that the rear spare wheel and its cover have been retained from the standard Tata Sumo, but it has been painted in the body color to match the car.

After the exterior, the presenter then moves to the interior of the car and shows the fully reupholstered and customized interior. He mentions that the entire theme of the interior is black and white, and everything has been covered with soft-touch materials. He then adds that the dashboard is the same as the standard Sumo, but now gets a touchscreen infotainment system. He further adds that the rear bench seat and jump seats have been removed, and instead, two captain’s chairs have been installed. He also shows a custom electric sunroof and quilted headliner with LED lights. The presenter then visits the shop of the creator of this SUV and mentions that several other custom projects are currently going on in the shop.