Meet the Toyota Qualis that has completed over 8 lakh km on the stock engine [Video]

Without a doubt, the can rental services and can-aggregators rely heavily on the Toyota Innova these days because of the impeccable quality and highly-reliable engine and mechanicals. Before the Innova, the Toyota Qualis ruled the roads and if you’re a 90’s kid, you would remember that MPV quite well. Here is a Qualis that is a prime example of the reliability of Toyota cars. This one has completed more than 8 lakh km.

The video by Nipp0n Toyota shows a Qualis that they had sold and serviced all through its journey to the 8 lakh km mark. The owner of this Qualis is Regi Mathews, who is an interior designer. Regi bought the car way back in 2000 from Nippon Toyota and was one of the first customers of the newly-inaugurated dealership.

In the video, they show the ageing MPV from all over. You do see a few signs of the vehicle getting old, especially with the paint starting to fade in a few places. Well, we ought to see such ageing signs on a  car after two decades of use with the original paint.

But the most interesting part of this Qualis is the odometer reading. The vehicle has done over 8 lakh km on the odometer. The odometer shows an exact reading of 8.22 lakh. While this is an old video, we are sure Regi has pushed that number to even higher.

No breakdowns

Meet the Toyota Qualis that has completed over 8 lakh km on the stock engine [Video]

In the video, Regi explains that he has never faced any issues with the vehicle. The car never broke down. He has maintained the car through the ownership and never missed a scheduled service. In the video, Regi also says that he has always got the vehicle serviced by authorised Nippon Toyota.

Regi also mentions that he owns several other vehicles but he has got a soft corner of the Qualis. This is the car that he uses for his daily run. Regi loves the ride quality and the seating comfort of the MPV. He is also impressed with the aftersales service of the car.

Qualis offered both petrol and diesel

The Toyota Qualis came powered by both petrol and diesel engine options. The diesel variants got the 2.4-litre four-cylinder engine. It churned out a maximum power of 75 PS and peak torque of 151 Nm. Toyota also offered a petrol engine but that did not become as popular as the diesel-powered variants.

Currently, the D-4D engine from Toyota is considered one of the most reliable engines in the world. Variants of the D-4D engine power a slew of products from Toyota in India including the Innova Crysta, Fortuner and Hilux.If all scheduled service is provided to this engine, it can literally last lakhs of kilometres without throwing any kind of problem. It is not mentioned if the engine has had any major repairs in the past or if any major part had to be replaced.

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