Meet the Toyota Qualis that’s been driven 8 lakh kms: Still going STRONG [Video]

While the Toyota Innova came out to be an extremely successful product, many would know about the Toyota Qualis, the MPV, which was replaced by the Innova. The Qualis was launched way back in 2000 and was discontinued after five years to make space for the Innova. The Qualis became extremely popular in the market soon after its launch and there are still many own the MPV. Just like the Toyota Innova, the Qualis offers bulletproof reliability and there are many units that have crossed lakhs of kilometres. Here is one such Toyota Qualis, which has done over 8 lakh km on the odometer and it has the potential to gobble up many more!

This is a 2000 model of the Toyota Qualis that is located in Kerala and is used as a daily driving car. It was one of the first cars sold by Nippon Toyota in Kerala and the video was made after the dealership network completed 20 years in the business. Nonetheless, the car looks like in a decent condition and looking at the paint, it seems to be in the original paint cover from the factory.

The person said on the camera that this Toyota Qualis has completed a total of 8.22 km at the time of making this video. It may have done much more since then. The owner says that he uses the car daily and it does not have any engine problem or any kind of mechanical problem. He also said that the vehicle has never missed a service and all the maintenance work has been done by authorised Toyota service centre, which ensures a longer life. It is not known what all he has changed in the vehicle but the MPV looks like in a perfect condition.

Meet the Toyota Qualis that’s been driven 8 lakh kms: Still going STRONG [Video]

The Qualis came powered by a 2.4-lire diesel engine. The turbocharged engine produces a maximum of 75 PS and peak torque of 151 Nm. The Qualis also offered a petrol engine option. Both the engine options were available only with a manual transmission.

Recently, a Toyota Innova from Kerala completed a total of 10 lakh km on the odometer, which is a rare feat. To ensure that your car can run for so long, simple steps can be followed. The most common of them is regular service. Never miss a car servicing and if you want a longer engine life, always drive in a less-aggressive, sedate way. This ensures that the engine is not under high stress and does not give up early. Generally, diesel engines last much longer than petrol ones.