Meet the world’s most powerful Royal Enfield ‘TURBO’ Continental GT535

Royal Enfield has always built bikes that have a lot of heritage and snob value attached to them. The cult following for the RE in India is unmatched, throughout the country. Since the bike maker is so popular, there are a lot of people who have built one-off and unique rides based on their respective REs. Meet this, the world’s most powerful Continental GT from Perth, Austrailia.


royalenfield-continentalGT-turbo-4The GT is a Cafe Racer which is powered by a 535 cc single cylinder engine making 29 Bhp at the crank. It weighs close to 180 kgs. This one here makes over 50 Bhp at the crank, and 42 Bhp at the wheel. This has been done with the help of adding a turbo into the equation. Yes, your read it right. This one here is a turbocharged Royal Enfield Continental GT.  The work was done by MotoMAX in Perth Austrailia.

What mods?

Adding a turbo to a naturally aspirated engine is not an easy task. A lot of other changes need to be done to make sure the transition is smooth. So the bike has borrowed a RHB31 turbo from a Suzuki Jimny. The intake was redesigned so that the additional space for the turbo could be made.

Since Royal Enfield bikes have low compression ratios on them by default, the team is continuing to run the same 8.5:1 compression ratio that the standard bike runs on, which means reliability won’t be affected much. The boost is limited at 7 psi from 3000 rpm.

Fueling adjustments are being managed by a Power Commander V, which is a plug and play device that alters the timing on the vehicle. The PC V can be adjusted on the move with the help of an AutoTune module. There is new piping which has been installed and a new exhaust system as well.



There have been minor changes to the way this one looks too. The dials have been lowered and the indicator units have been replaced. There is a new brushed mud guard. The fuel tank has a brushed metal finish to it that stands out. There is a leather belt that has been placed around the fuel tank too. The seat has been changed for a more comfortable and flatter unit from the RE catalogue.


Can you get one?

MotoMax is in the process of offering the turbo-kit for the fuel injected Continental GT535 and the Classic 500 models. Sometime later this year, MotoMax will put up this retro-fit turbo kit for these bikes on sale. Prices will be revealed when the kits are ready. For now, you can stay in touch with MotoMax on Facebook.

royalenfield-continentalGT-turbo-9 royalenfield-continentalGT-turbo-8


This one took 60 hours to built.

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