Meet the XUV500 'Aero' SUV coupe!

Meet the XUV500 ‘Aero’ SUV coupe!

Mahindra’s showstopper at the 2016 Auto Expo will be a brand new vehicle based on the hot selling XUV500 crossover. Called the Aero, the concept will be a radically styled coupe version of the XUV500. For the record, this is the first time that an Indian automaker will be showing a vehicle with an SUV coupe body style.

Mahindra XUV500 Aero

So, Mahindra’s going where no Indian automaker’s ever gone. Meanwhile, the XUV500 Aero seems inspired by the Komodo concept, which was created as a one off design idea by students a while ago. The Aero, on the other hand, is said to be designed in-house by Mahindra’s design team operating out of India.

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Mahindra Komodo Concept

From the teaser sketch released by Mahindra, the Aero does have plenty of design elements that are inspired by the XUV500. For instance, the wheel wells of the concept show the same kind of muscular design elements that are standard on the XUV500. The same is the case with the shape of the bonnet.

Mahindra Komodo Concept 1

At the rear, the XUV500 Aero’s design shows similarities with that of the Komodo concept. The tail lamp cluster is particularly striking. Mahindra is saying that the new concept will also highlight a new level of connectivity. This obviously is a hint at advanced connectivity options, most of which could make the cut into future Mahindra vehicles.

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