Meet the youth who built a mini Beetle, Electric Jeep & Yamaha RX100 pocket bike in his garage

Remember  Rakesh Babu? the Kerala guy who became viral on the internet for making a working miniature version of Volkswagen Beetle. After his video went viral on the internet, he made many other mini models but, is still known for his neat looking Beetle. Rakesh had made a Yamaha RX100 motorcycle and an electric Jeep foe children after the Beetle project. Apart from that he has been also making modifications to bikes that come to his workshop or garage. Now we have a video, that shares information on why he started doing such projects and also talks a bit about his future projects.

The video has been uploaded by sudus custom on his Youtube channel only. In this video, he answers a few questions that viewers had asked him in the comment section. He starts with the education part. He is not related to automobiles in any way. Cars and bikes are his passion and that is the reason why he started doing it. Rakesh mentions in the video that he used to repair small toys as a child and that craze became stronger as he grew old.

The Volkswagen Beetle miniature that we have seen in the video was actually not his first project. he did not start by making miniature models. He started by modifying a Suzuki Samurai which belonged to one of his friend. As he was growing older, his parents bought him a used Suzuki  Fiero motorcycle, which he modified and made it look like a sports bike with full fairing on it. Then after that, he started making small versions of Jeep and other cars. He had made several models but, only a few people came to know about as internet was expensive at that time.

Meet the youth who built a mini Beetle, Electric Jeep & Yamaha RX100 pocket bike in his garage

At a point, even his family had told him to stop doing such things as they thought it was a waste of money (it should be noted that he is coming from a middle class family). He then started working on the Beetle which he thought was gong to be his last project. That one project turned out to be turning point in his life. His creation became an internet sensation and the in turn inspired him to make more projects. Many of them have even asked whether he would be selling this Beetle and the answer to that was a simple no. He is ready to make another Beetle or any other car if anyone approaches him.

After the Beetle, Rakesh Babu went and made a miniature version of a classic motorcycle RX100. In this motorcycle, he used a engine from a chainsaw and made almost all the panels at his father’s welding workshop. One of the other recent project that he made was another Jeep which runs on an electric motor. It gets a rechargeable battery and is meant for children. When asked about his future projects, Rakesh Babu mentioned that he is planning to build a Lamborghini. He has not said anything about when he would be starting the work on it.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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