Mega Transformations: Super cool concepts to totally different production cars

Manufacturers come up with concept cars for multiple reasons. In motorshows, it is these concepts that help to bring in the crowds. Concepts also show the design direction in which the company is heading and what future models may look like. But production versions need to keep practicality in mind, and this sometimes makes them very different from concepts. Here are some mega transformations as concepts become production real.

Renault Kwid


The Renault Kwid concept for first showcased at the 2014 Delhi Auto Expo. The vehicle was a global concept debut and was showcased as a compact lifestyle vehicle which looked very rugged. It had massive fenders, large tyres and huge gullwing doors. When it was first shown, we did not know that their new hatchback will get the same name.

Come 2015, the Kwid as we now know it came into being. Though the production version looks nothing like the concept, the whole design theme has been carried forward. The Kwid looks like a rugged hatchback, which is something it got from the concept.

kwid 32

The Kwid is currently Renault’s cheapest car on sale and is very popular in the market. It is selling mainly due to its visual appeal and the fact that Renault are offering features that no other company is offering in that segment. An AMT is also expected to come soon.

Maruti XA Alpha —-> Vitara Brezza


The XA Alpha was showcased at the 2012 Auto Expo. At that time, there was no compact SUV in the market. Even Ford showed off the Ecosport concept at the Expo the same year. The XA Alpha concept looked a lot more muscular and rugged. The headlamp design looked cool. The sloping roof line and the tail lamp cluster mounted towards the roof gave it an interesting look.

brezza customization

Come 2016, the XA Alpha concept came to life in the form of the Vitara Brezza. The main similarity between the production car and the concept is the grill. Rest of the elements are all new. Not that the Brezza isn’t a good looker, it still doesn’t have the massive presence that the XA Alpha concept had.

Honda Small car concept —->  Brio


In the 2010 Delhi Auto Expo, Honda showcased their new small car concept. The aim was to make a car that was below 5 lakhs, compact, was dynamic to look at and could seat 5. The concept with the aggressive headlamps, sculpted front bumper, sharp roofline and large rear glass area looked very attractive.

Honda Brio Low Rider

In 2011, Honda launched the production version that same small car concept and christened it the Brio. The overall silhouette of the car remains the same but there are certain aspects that have been changed to make it more practical. The roofline and glass area was changed to offer more room at the back. The tail lamp design changed as well. The aggressiveness of the concept was replaced with the cuteness of the production model.

Maruti R3 —-> Ertiga


The Maruti R3 was showcased at the 2010 Auto Expo. When they showcased the vehicle, they had no clear plans of launching it. It was because the concept got good response that the company decided to put it into production. The concept was really stylish. It had Rolls Royce like suicide doors, huge rear glass and overall was neatly designed.

Maruti Ertiga

The production version of the R3 became the Ertiga, Maruti’s first proper MPV for the country. The overall profile of the concept has been carried forward but none of the cool elements like the window line or the tail lamps have been carried forward.

Maruti S Cross

s cross

The S Cross concept was never showcased in India. Globally, it was unveiled at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. Globally, the SX4 came as a hatchback and this, the S Cross was designed as a replacement for it. The S Cross was designed as a compact crossover. One look at the concept and it portrays just that. It has a good amount of ground clearance and massive tyres showing its rugged capabilities.


The S Cross was introduced in the Indian market just last year. It was positioned as a compact SUV. However, it did not have the appearance of one. To most people, it looked just like a large hatchback. That coupled with the fact that the Creta was launched at a similar price didn’t do well for Maruti. With the recent price cut, the S Cross makes for an interesting and practical proposition, if you don’t mind the non SUV type looks.

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