Megastar Mammootty drifts a Ford Mustang sports car [Video]

Mammootty is one the most biggest names in the Malayalam film industry. He started his acting career in 1971 and has acted in over 400 movies. Mammootty has also produced many movies in Malayalam. Other than acting, he is known to be proper car guy and has a collection of many luxury cars and SUVs in his garage. He along with his son Dulquer Salman, who is also an actor and auto enthusiast own the so-called ‘369 garage’. Unlike many other actors in the industry, Mammootty is rarely seen on the rear seat. He is always behind the steering while his driver sits next to him. A video of a Mammootty drifting a Ford Mustang has now gone viral on the internet.

The video has been uploaded by Malayalienter on their YouTube channel. This video was recorded from the location of Mammootty’s latest movie Rorschach. The movie is currently running in theaters and has received good response from audience. In one of the scenes, the characted played by Mammooty had to pull off this stunt on the Mustang. Usually such stunts are done by experts or doubles. Mammootty told director and rest of the crew that he can try doing the stunt himself. The camera and other equipment were mounted on the bonnet of the Ford Mustang.

Ford Mustang is the car that is driven by Mammooty’s character Luke Antony in the movie. As seen in the video, Mammooty drives the Mustang to the spot were the stunt had to be pulled. He drives slowly and then turns the car off the road and accelerates. The rear wheel starts spinning and the car starts to drift. The car stopped exactly at the spot where director wanted it to. In one of the interviews given by other actors from the same movie, they talked about how everyone reacted after Mammooty pulled the stunt. Everyone was happy with the shot and the excitement can be felt in their voice in the video.

Megastar Mammootty drifts a Ford Mustang sports car [Video]

The video does not show Mammooty clearly but, he can be seen on the driver seat and even the crew has admitted that the actor did the stunt without any doubles. The car used in the movie does not belong to the actor. The actor himself admitted in one of the interviews that if it was his own car, he might not have allowed them to use the car in the movie as it gets destroyed in the movie at one point. Last year, Dulquer Salmaan, son of Mammootty also drifted a completely wrapped Ford Mustang as part of promotion of one of his movie. The video of the same had also gone viral on the internet.

Mammootty and Dulquer Salmaan are car enthusiasts. While Mammootty is into luxury and feature loaded cars, Dulquer Salmaan has a soft corner for classic cars. He has restored many cars and has a good collection at home. Porsche Panamera, Land Rover Defender, Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG are some of the cars in which the megastar and his son have been spotted recently.