DGP Uses Fake Number Plate On Kia Carnival Luxury MPV: Case Filed By Meghalaya Police [Video]

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We have seen people get in trouble for using illegal or fake number plates on vehicles. We now have a video from Meghalaya where an FIR has been registered against the Director General of Police for using illegal number plates on his official vehicle, a Kia Carnival MPV. Meghalaya Police has taken action against Lajja Ram Bishnoi who is currently posted as the DGP in Meghalaya.

The officer has been spotted using a white-colored Kia Carnival on several occasions. As per the allegations made by GK Iangrai, a suspended police officer of the Meghalaya police force, the senior officer has used this MPV with fake registration plates on several occasions. The suspended officer lodged a complaint against the DGP at Shillong’s Sadar Police Station.

As per the FIR, the car used by the Meghalaya DGP in his official capacity doesn’t have a suitable registration number plate. Iangrai claimed that the DGP has been using the Kia Carnival MPV registered with the Assam Government as his official vehicle. In the video, we see the registration number of the Kia Carnival as ML 02 A 0001. Upon inspection, it was found that the number of the vehicle did not match. In fact, the registration number found on the Kia Carnival was of a Hyundai Verna sedan that was registered under the State Transport Department.

The Hyundai Verna whose number the Kia Carnival is using is actually parked at the Meghalaya Police Force’s Central Workshop. Iangrai also pointed out that the DGP was using an MPV that was worth Rs 40 lakh and it was far exceeding the Rs 12 lakh entitlement for an official vehicle.

DGP Uses Fake Number Plate On Kia Carnival Luxury MPV: Case Filed By Meghalaya Police [Video]
DGP’s Kia Carnival

The officer in question here, Lajja Ram Bishnoi, is a 1991 batch IPS officer of the Assam-Meghalaya cadre. He has been serving as Meghalaya DGP for the last 2 years and will be retiring on May 19 this year. The suspended police officer Iangrai had submitted the complaint against the DGP to Meghalaya’s Chief Secretary, DP Wahlang on May 7.

Mr. Bishnoi defended the case and said that the change in the vehicle’s registration was due to security reasons. He also expressed his willingness to cooperate with any investigations.

In the past, we have come across several instances where cops have caught or stopped cars and bikes that were using fake number plates. This is probably the first time a police officer is being alleged of using a vehicle with a fake registration number. Most of the senior police officials get department-issued vehicles for their official use. In most cases, they do not bother about the details or documents as this vehicle is issued by the state.

It is quite clear that the Kia Carnival was running on fake number plates. Further investigation would only reveal more details. Using a vehicle with a fake registration number is actually illegal. A registration number is a combination of numbers and letters which is unique to each vehicle.

This can be used to track the owner of the vehicle in case of an accident or a traffic offense. If you use fake number plates, you are trying to escape from the eyes of the law as it becomes hard for authorities to track the vehicle in such cases.