Men on Yamaha scooter deliberately block KSRTC bus: Scooter SEIZED & license suspended [Video]

Kerala Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) has seized a Yamaha Cygnet scooter from two young kids after they blocked a KSRTC bus. The video of them riding at a very slow speed in front of a state-run bus was posted online, which became viral. The cops took action and have seized the scooter.

The incident happened in Kollam, Kerala and the youth riding the Cygnet has been identified as Unnikrishnan. The video shows the riders in front of the bus at an extremely slow speed. Both the riders were without any helmet and were making gestures at the bus driver. Later, they stop the scooter in the middle of the road forcing the bus driver to stop completely. Both of them abused the bus driver in the middle of the road.

MVD got the information about the owner and tried contacting by calling. However, the mobile was switched off. The cops later reached the address where the scooter was registered but the family said that Unnikrishnan left with the Yamaha Cygnet. Later someone informed the cops that the scooter is parked near to their house. The cops seized the scooter after reaching the spot and also seized the license of Unnikrishnan after the recommendation of the Enforcement Department.

The officials also served him with notice and have asked him to be present at RTO for further action. He has been charged with various offences including dangerous driving and not wearing a helmet. The officials have also said that they will take further actions.

It is not known why the youths behaved in this way. However, similar incidents have happened before. Only a few days ago, a bike rider blocked a KSRTC bus in a similar fashion and he rode slowly in front for about 5 km. A video of the incident became viral and the cops issued a fine of Rs 10,500 to the person. He was also asked to be present for a hearing in RTO.

Riding in such manner, especially in front of heavy vehicles can put you in trouble. Since they are much heavier, they need extra distance to come to a stop, which is why suddenly braking in front of these vehicles can get you into serious accidents. Also, visibility from such heavy vehicles is very poor. Doing such stunts so near to a bus or a truck can put you in trouble. The Kerala MVD is very strict when it comes to such incidents. The MVD also does not spare any kind of modified vehicles and have issued numerous challans too.