Lawyer snatches keys of woman biker in Bangalore’s NICE road: FIR registered [Video]

Two women bikers were harassed by two men on NICE road near Gottigere in south Bengaluru. The women bikers were out on a ride to celebrate “Women’s Day” and recorded an incident where two men came out and snatched the keys to the bikes that they were riding. The videos of the incident have now become viral on the Internet.

The riders identified as Dr Sharon Samuel and Priyanka Prasad were on their bikes when the incident happened. The video was recorded by Priyanka. It shows the man, identified as Manjunath crossing the road and harassing the bikers along with his father.

In the video, the man can be heard saying, “You are not supposed to stand here. What are you doing here?” The riders said that they stopped to drink water.

Manjunath said, “You can’t drink water here. Go to the toll gate and drink there. Leave from here and do not escalate the situation. This is my passage to the gate and you are blocking it,”

The video shows that the bikers were not parked in front of Manjunath’s property but on the other side of the highway. The man started recording the bikers on his phone when they refused to leave. Following the argument, Manjunath snatched the key from one of the bikes and walked away saying that he will teach them a lesson.

Police refused to register the complaint


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The bikers reported the incident to the police. The police from Konanakunte station reached the spot and Manjunath handed over the key to the inspector. Chaya Shetty, who claimed to be a fellow biker claimed that the police refused to accept the complaint of the two women riders.

“They came here at 2 pm and it’s 8 pm now. Police are refusing to take their complaint and asking them to compromise. I don’t see a reason why we should compromise. We haven’t done anything wrong,” said Chaya in her Instagram video.

She also claimed on video that Manjunath twisted Sharon’s arm when she tried to stop him from taking away the key. Sharon’s arm is reportedly swollen. Manjunath also mistreated other bikers on the same road in the past as well. he claimed that the bikers have filed a false complaint against him so he filed a counter-complaint against them. Dy Commissioner of Police, South Bengaluru, P Krisnakanth said that the police have registered an FIR and filed a report based on the complaints by the bikers. The police are currently investigating the incident and will soon take action.