Mercedes Benz AMG GT & S Sportscar – India Launch Details

Mercedes Benz offers a number of high performance cars in India. The firm’s flagship offering worldwide is now the AMG GT sportscar, which we revealed to be India bound. Now, a time frame for this car’s launch has surfaced. The sportscar is expected to be launched here in March 2015, continuing the German luxury car giant’s launch blitz. Along with the AMG GT, the more powerful S variant is also said to be in the pipeline. Both versions will roll out from AMG’s production facility at Affalterbach, Germany, where each hand assembled AMG badged motor will meet the sportscar’s rolling chassis. In India, expect to fork out between 2 to 2.5 crore rupees for these high performance automobiles.

Mercedes Benz AMG GT & S Sportscar – India Launch Details
The AMG GT is currently Mercedes Benz’s fastest road going car. Top Speed – 304 Kph. 0-100 Kph – Under 4 seconds.


In terms of what’s under the hood, a 4 liter-V8 twin turbo petrol motor will be the heart of the matter. Good for 462 Bhp-600 Nm in standard trim, this engine will see outputs jacked up to 520 Bhp-620 Nm in S trim. A 7 speed twin clutch automatic gearbox will transfer torque to the rear wheels. Paddle shifters for manual gear shifting are standard fare. 3 % of the car’s chassis is made of high strength aluminium. Consequently, the AMG GT tips scales at a relatively light 1,540 kilograms. While that weight doesn’t put the car in supercar territory, the car manages to better its predecessor, the SLS AMG.

Mercedes Benz AMG GT & S Sportscar – India Launch Details
The AMG GT stays true to the design DNA of one of Mercedes Benz’s best known sportscar, the 300 SL. 



For more delectable imagery of the Mercedes Benz sportscar, head here. 

Mercedes Benz has lined up 15 new cars for the Indian luxury and sportscar markets this year. These cars will be a mix of volume baggers and brand builders, targeting the rich and the super rich. The German car maker is clearly gunning for Audi’s jugular. While the brand has been publicly maintaining that it’s not the race for the number one spot in India, CarToq sources on the ground assert that the sales staff are now getting clear exhortations to aggressive chase numbers. Our bet? Mercedes Benz is likely to move ahead of Audi in 2015 and regain its numero uno status after half a decade. BMW in 2009, moved past Mercedes Benz in India. Audi plowed ahead of BMW in 2013.

Mercedes Benz AMG GT & S Sportscar – India Launch Details
The first sportscar from the German brand though, was the SSK roadster.


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