Mercedes Benz breaks down in Pune: Auto driver pushes it with his leg [Video]

Indians are known for jugaads. For those who don’t know what a jugaad is, it is a flexible approach to solving a problem that uses limited resources in an innovative way. On a daily basis we come across several instances where people use such innovative ways to solve an issue. Even when it comes to vehicles, we have several workshops, who are known for such jugaads. A video has now been surfacing online that shows you can always expect to see something unexpected on Indian roads. The video shows a Mercedes-Benz being pushed by an autorickshaw.

This is a short video that has now surfaced online. In this video, we can see a Red coloured Mercedes-Benz CLA luxury sedan being pushed by an autorickshaw. As per the video, the location where this happened in Pune’s Koregaon park. As seen in the video, the auto driver is pushing the car through busy roads of Pune. We have seen cars towing another car in our city but, this is probably the first time, we have seen something like this. It looks like the owner or the driver of the car was not patient enough to wait for a tow truck or a flatbed to get his or her car to the nearby workshop.

It looks like the auto driver might have offered the Mercedes driver help and offered to push him to the nearest workshop. As this is a short video, we are not sure what exactly happened to the car. The auto driver has put his left feet on the bumper of the Mercedes-Benz and is seen pushing the car. The driver has turned the hazard lamps on and the auto driver is pushing the car without any issues. It may look easy on video but pushing a car that weighs easily over 1,500 kgs in not easy. Especially with an autorickshaw.

Mercedes Benz breaks down in Pune: Auto driver pushes it with his leg [Video]

The driver is not even using a proper rope in this case. It looks like there are no elevation changes on the road where the car is being pushed. If there was one, then things would have got a bit tough for the auto driver. As he is using his foot to push the car and maintain distance between the vehicles, he would have to put a lot more pressure on his feet to avoid crashing into the car. It is definitely a jugaad as the owner took help from an autorickshaw driver instead of a proper tow truck. This is not the best way to push a car that broke down but, it is definitely an innovative way that gets the job done with limited resources.

There are several things that can go wrong while pushing a vehicle like this. The chances of auto driver injuring his leg while trying to push the car are there. Similarly, the car driver cannot do anything while getting pushed by the auto as the car engine has no power. As mentioned above, it may look simple on video but, it is not. This is not something that we would recommend.