26 year-old gifts dad a Mercedes-Benz C-Class: Emotional moments [Video]

Receiving a priceless gift from his son is every father’s dream-come-true moment. And when it comes to a dream car, the emotions of elation touch reach newer heights. An experience something like this was given to a 26-year old boy from Hyderabad when he gifted a Mercedes Benz CLA-Class to his father on the occasion of his father’s birthday. The entire episode of the son gifting a Mercedes Benz CLA to his father is shown in a video uploaded on the YouTube channel of Tamanna Lohith, who happens to be the son in the video.

The video begins with Lohith bringing his father to the car parking space of his society building while covering the eyes of his father with his hands. On reaching the car parking, Lohith removes his hands from the eyes of his father, who is taken aback by surprise by seeing a car parked there with a yellow-coloured cover.

Lohith then lifts off the covers from the parked car, which happens to be a dark blue-coloured Mercedes Benz CLA 200d, the diesel-powered version of the entry-level four-door coupe from Mercedes Benz. On seeing this surprise gift from Lohith, his father smiles off with joy, while his mother couldn’t stop rolling tears of joy from her eyes. The video concludes with Lohith driving off in the CLA with his family members.

The Mercedes Benz CLA is no longer on sale in India, since the BS6 emission norms kicked in India. The four-door coupe was replaced with the new A-Class sedan, which is a more conventional-looking saloon, compared to the visually dramatic CLA, which has frameless doors and a rounded roofline like a traditional coupe. It seems that the CLA 200d gifted by Lohith to his father is from the used car market, where the CLA still commands a substantial demand due to its comparatively affordable pricing for a luxury car.

Mercedes Benz CLA 200d

26 year-old gifts dad a Mercedes-Benz C-Class: Emotional moments [Video]

The Mercedes Benz CLA 200d was the most affordable diesel-powered three-box car from the German carmaker at one point in time. This stylish looking four-door coupe was the most affordable car to feature frameless doors, which are still considered to be a niche and exclusive feature. However, for a four-door premium car, the space in the rear was at a premium.

The Mercedes Benz CLA 200d was offered in the Indian car market with a 2.2-litre four-cylinder diesel engine with a 7-speed automatic gearbox as standard. The engine is capable of producing 136 PS of maximum power and 300 Nm of peak torque output.