Mercedes-Benz CLA AMG sedan worth 1 crore catches fire after crashing into divider [Video]

Driving on Indian roads is a challenge due to many reasons and here we have one more incident that proves the same. Recently, a Mercedes-Benz luxury car was crashed into the divider after the driver tried to avoid hitting a cattle that came on to the road all of a sudden. The incident happened in Uttar Pradesh’s Greater Noida close to F1 race track Buddh International Circuit. According to reports, the occupants in the car are safe. The car  seen here in the video is a Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG which costs almost a crore on road in India.

The video has been shared by Sanjay Kishore on YouTube. According to reports that have surfaced online, the car belonged to Nikhil Chaudhary. Nikhil along with his friend were driving to the race track for an event. Most weekends, cars and bikes arrive at the F1 track for track days and Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG was headed to one such event. As they were on their way to the race track, a cow came in front of the car and in order to avoid hitting the animal Nikhil steered the car away from it and soon lost control on the car.

The car lost control and rammed into the divider. Soon after the crash the car caught fire and the driver and the co-passenger had to escape from the car through the windows. After getting out of the car, the owner informed the police and soon fire engines arrived at the spot. The fire engines managed to control the fire and put it out. People can be seen moving around the the car with fire extinguishers to put the fire out. One of them even sprays the extinguisher inside the car to avoid any fire in the cabin.

Mercedes-Benz CLA AMG sedan worth 1 crore catches fire after crashing into divider [Video]

Saddest part about this incident is that the owner had bought the car recently. According to a report Nikhil had bought this car around 10 days ago and the car is now fully charred. Police has said that they came to know about the incident but, so far no written complaints have been received. From the video, it looks like the front-end of the car got destroyed completely. The video does not mention anything about the occupants. Hopefully they escaped the accident without any major injury.

This is not the first time, something like this has happened in India. There have been several instances, when stray animals and cattle on the road create accidents. While driving or riding on Indian roads one has to be extra cautious as you never know what might come in front of your vehicle. There are several videos available online where jaywalkers, bikers and even people driving on wrong side have come in front of the vehicle creating problems. It is always a good idea to not drive rashly especially on a stretch of road that you have never driven before. Always wear proper riding gear on bikes and wear seat belt while driving for safety reasons. The reports and the video does not share anything about the speed of the Mercedes-Benz when the accident happened.