Mercedes-Benz E-Class gets swept away in flash floods: Later found buried in sand [Video]

Lately, we have been receiving news reports from Himachal Pradesh regarding heavy rainfall, cloudbursts, and flash floods. This has significantly impacted the lives of many people. In several places, people have become isolated due to roads being swept away. Numerous videos have surfaced online, depicting collapsed buildings and other structures. Tragically, many lives have been lost, and properties damaged, in this natural calamity. Flash floods have also washed away many cars. One such video features a Mercedes-Benz E-Class luxury sedan being swept away in a river due to flash floods.

The video was shared by lamiyan_caran_wale1 on their Instagram profile. It is a short video, though the exact location and date of the incident are unknown. The video was posted over a week ago, suggesting a recent occurrence. In the video, a Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan can be seen lying on a riverbed, visibly damaged. An attached video clip shows the luxury sedan being washed away in the flash flood.

The circumstances leading to the sedan ending up in the river are unclear. During the monsoon season, landslides are particularly common in Himachal and other mountainous regions in the North. There have been instances where cars parked on roads next to rivers have fallen into the water after the road collapsed. A similar scenario might have occurred in this case. In the video clip, the black luxury sedan can be observed moving with the river’s current, covered in mud.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class gets swept away in flash floods: Later found buried in sand [Video]
E-Class swept away in flash flood

After the water levels subsided, the car became stranded on the rock-filled bank. Surprisingly, the car appears to be in relatively good condition considering it was swept away in a flash flood. Based on the video, it seems that only the front and rear bumpers of the sedan suffered damage. However, it is highly likely that the car’s interior is filled with mud and that most of its electrical components have been damaged. There’s also a possibility that water entered the car’s engine. Hopefully, the owner has valid insurance, as repairing the car will likely be an expensive undertaking.

Another challenge the owner will face is retrieving the car. It is uncertain whether the car’s current location is accessible by a car or crane for recovery. If not, retrieving the car will pose a significant challenge. The situation in Himachal Pradesh remains tense. The Indian Meteorological Department has issued a Yellow Alert for August 25 and 26, along with a flash flood warning for 9 districts in Himachal Pradesh. Earlier this month, a similar incident occurred in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh, where flash floods hit the riverbank. Within minutes, the force of the Sukdi river’s waters swept away massive SUVs, including the Toyota Fortuner, Land Rover Freelander, and Mahindra Scorpio. Over 14 cars, including Hyundai Cretas and Mahindra Thars, were washed away in the flash floods as their owners rushed to higher ground in the nearby forest. It is always recommended to avoid visiting mountainous regions during the monsoon season for these very reasons.