Mercedes-Benz E-Class neatly converted to look like facelifted AMG version

Mercedes-Benz is India’s largest and most popular luxury car brand. They have been in the market for over two decades. The brand has a variety of products like sedans and SUVs in their line up. One of the popular sedan from the manufacturer is E-Class. It is positioned above A Class and C Class sedan and competes with cars like BMW 5-series, Audi A6, Jaguar XF in the market. People who own a Mercedes-Benz E Class normally don’t go for modifications and customisations as it is already a premium looking sedan with ample amount of features. Just like in any case, there are exceptions here as well. For those who feel that there sedan has started to feel dated, there are garages that offer conversion kits to these cars and here we have one such video.

The video has been uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger takes us through the process of conversion. The video shows how the car looked when it had arrived at the workshop. The owner of this car had maintained the car pretty well and wanted to give a fresh look.

Autorounders started working on a conversion project for the E-Class where the sedan was converted to a facelifted  AMG version of the same generation E-Class. For this conversion, some of the panels on the E-class had to be replaced with new units. The panels that were being replaced in the car was shown in the video and then they start with the work.

As part of the conversion, the bonnet, front bumper, headlamps, grille, fenders were all replaced. The new bumper was looking pretty neat was fitting perfectly. The bonnet was replaced with a new unit as the front fascia is slightly different in the facelift E-Class. The split headlamps in the E-Class were replaced with single units which come with projector style lights in them. The LED DRLs were also integrated into the headlamp cluster.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class neatly converted to look like facelifted AMG version

As part of the conversion, a side skirt was installed on the sedan and at the rear, bumper was replaced and a new unit with integrated diffuser with quad chrome tips were installed on the car. The stock tail lamps in the car were LED but, that was replaced with LED units from the facelifted E-Class. The panels that are newly installed on the car came in a different colour.

Autorounders had repainted those panels in gloss black shade with a premium quality paint. As rest of the car was already in a good condition, nothing was done to it. Once the panels were painted, the whole was car was detailed and that gave it an even look. All the sensors, both at the front and rear are working and the headlamps washer is also doing its job. Overall, the fit and finish of these new panels look very neat. By looking at the car, it is going to be hard for people to recognise the age of the vehicle as it looks brand new.