Mercedes-Benz E-Class gets STUCK on a beach: Rescued for Rs. 15,000 [Video]

While sea beaches are the perfect destination for enjoying during a vacation or during any regular day for that matter, driving around on one is not a great idea. We have stated the same multiple times in the past and several incidents became quite well-known where cars got stuck on the beach. Trust us when we say it, but having your car stuck amidst the sea waves is something that would give you chills for sure. A Mercedes-Benz E-Class owner learnt that the hard way while he took his sedan to a beach. Take a look at the video below by Kedar TRUE TV which shows a white Mercedes-Benz E-Class stuck on a sea beach.

The best part here is the cost that the locals who came over to help the Mercedes owner in his ordeal charged a hefty amount for their help. The owner says that the locals charged him Rs. 15,000 for something as simple as pushing the car back. The locals who came there showed him images of other cars which had previously got stuck on the beach. Left with no choice, the owner got ready to compensate them with Rs. 15,000 for their much-needed help.

Coming to how the car got in a thick stick situation in the first place, the owner was apparently shooting a video at the location. He parked his Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan on the sand. Since the sand had a thin layer of water on it, it was already soft and hence gave way under the weight of the heavy Mercedes sedan. The owner spent a substantial amount of time with his car parked on the wet sand. After he got out of the vehicle, he noticed that the sedan’s tires had sunk in the sand by a few inches.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class gets STUCK on a beach: Rescued for Rs. 15,000 [Video]

The owner, however, trusted his German brand sedan and proceeded to mash the throttle to get out of the situation. That didn’t happen though as the Mercedes was unable to move. To let you know, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan here weighs approximately 1700-1800 kg, which is enough to let it sink in the sand. Also, the E-Class sedan like the one in this video has a rear-wheel-drive drivetrain which. Had it been an AWD vehicle, chances were that it could get out of the sand. After noticing the situation, a few locals came up to the Mercedes owner and asked him if he needed help. The local then called a group of men from the beach and they all got ready

As already mentioned, the locals charged him Rs. 15,000 for pushing the car. Once its front tires came out of that particular spot, the car came moved away on its own. While the locals certainly charged him a premium for his premium Mercedes, the owner frankly didn’t have many choices to consider. In the end, it was a better choice to spend 15,000 instead of ruining his Rs. 50 lakhs car once the high tides began coming in.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class gets STUCK on a beach: Rescued for Rs. 15,000 [Video]

For others who may want to drive on beaches, know that there are several beaches where driving is not that big issue since the surface below the sand is hard. however, on beaches where the surface is softer or the waves are quite rough, avoid taking your beloved there. Driving over a beach can be actually quite enjoyable, but that needs caution and preparation as well. Best is to take an SUV over such surfaces.