Mercedes-Benz gets stuck in water while Ola S1 Pro wades through [Video]

The recent incident of Biparjoy hitting the eastern coast of India caused incessant rains in many parts of country. This caused a massive water logging in cities near the western coast. This incident is from one such city that shows a Mercedes-Benz B-Class stuck on a water logged road while an Ola S1 Pro sailing through.

The video shows a service road on a highway which is heavily waterlogged. The Mercedes-Benz has likely hydrolocked and is stuck on the side of the road. The same video shows an Ola S1 Pro with a pillion rider sailing through the same road easily without stopping. There are onlookers who cheered the Ola S1 Pro rider. It seems like a few motorcycles got stuck while crossing the same road as well.

Typically, traditional scooters and motorcycles with internal combustion engines are prone to water infiltration through various openings, including the exhaust pipe. However, electric scooters like the Ola S1 Pro are equipped with an IP67 certified battery, ensuring a securely sealed unit that prevents water from entering. German cars like Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW have air-intakes located closer to the road, which is why many of these cars are susceptible to get hydrolocked on waterlogged roads.

Mercedes-Benz gets stuck in water while Ola S1 Pro wades through [Video]

Furthermore, electric vehicles do not have exhaust pipes, eliminating the risk of water penetration in the powertrain altogether. This design feature allows the Ola S1 Pro to navigate effortlessly even when submerged in water.

The issue of vehicles sustaining damage in water-logged conditions during heavy rainfalls and floods is not new. Repairing such vehicles can be costly, especially when it involves mechanical damages to the engine and electrical harness. In contrast, electric vehicles are not susceptible to such damages.

Even heavy commercial electric vehicles such as buses and trucks are not at risk. A viral social media post featured a Switch electric bus maneuvering through heavily flooded roads in Bengaluru. The video demonstrated the bus effortlessly traversing the water-logged streets, a feat that a diesel-powered bus would not dare to attempt.

Should you do it?

It’s important to be aware that driving an electric car or SUV through water-logged roads can potentially lead to other issues. When driving a four-wheeled vehicle in such conditions, there is a risk of water entering the cabin through the foot-well area, which can cause damage to other components inside.

Additionally, if the battery pack is not sourced from a reliable manufacturer or not adequately sealed, even a small amount of water can result in a short circuit. While electric vehicles are generally considered safer and more reliable for water wading, caution should be exercised when crossing submerged roads. The hidden nature of what lies beneath the water makes it even more dangerous. We have witnessed instances in the past where electric vehicles have caught fire relatively quickly, emphasizing the need for extra care when handling EVs in general.

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