Mercedes-Benz India offers emergency services to Mumbai flood hit cars

A lot of vehicles were stranded in the ordeal that Mumbai faced on 29th August. The heavy rainfall clogged up the streets and caused widespread chaos. Many vehicles were affected by the flood out of which many were Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz India offers emergency services to Mumbai flood hit cars

The German manufacturer has taken measures to speed up the service and repair of affected Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Mercedes-Benz has prepared a cross-functional task team from the after-sales team to support such affected customers. The team has prepared various steps that will be taken to provide relief to Mercedes-Benz car owners.

A list of initiatives that have been prepared are:

  • Recovery of the affected vehicle via Allianz Global.
  • No towing charges for the affected vehicles towed by Allianz Global.
  • Special discounts on the spare parts.
  • Procuring parts via air for the speedy delivery and not charging customers for the special delivery.
  • Faster processing of MB insurance claims.
  • Designated teams at the dealerships for quicker turnaround time.
  • Neighbouring dealerships to provide support in the form of parts, trained manpower and more.
  • Mercedes-Benz technical experts to supervise dealers and customers for consultations.

Roland Folger, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India commented,

“The sudden Mumbai floods was distressing and we hope the situation normalizes soon. As a customer centric brand, we wanted to extend our customers and our dealer partners in Mumbai, with immediate support in the areas related to After-Sales, including replacement of parts, service and also insurance claims. It is our utmost priority to get the customer vehicles back on the road, at the earliest. We have formed a cross functional task force at a war footing towards this. In addition, Mercedes-Benz India has decided to procure the required parts from Germany and Singapore by air and will not pass this extra shipping cost to our customers. We aim to provide complete peace of mind to the customers round the clock with our benchmark service standards.”

Shantonil Nag

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