Mercedes-Benz launches 2017 CLA in India

Mercedes-Benz launched their 12th car this year in India in form of CLA facelift. The new facelift of the CLA is cheaper than the outgoing model and is priced from Rs. 31.40 ex-showroom, Mumbai. There will be 3 variants of the car available in India and it will come with both petrol and diesel engine options.

What has changed?

Mercedes-Benz launches 2017 CLA in India

The CLA gets a new front fascia. There are now new set of headlamps that are full-LED. The Daytime Running Lamps (DRLs) too get minor update and look brighter and better than the predecessor. The bumper is similar to the pre-facelift version but it now has a chrome strip running across horizontal across the bumper that makes the car much more stylish. Interestingly, the bumper on Indian spec car is different from the international spec cars.

The rear bumper also gets similar chrome strip that joins the two tail pipes. The tail pipes are now much more subtle and do not protrude out of the bumper like the older car. From the side, the CLA looks exactly the same as the predecessor and the same alloy wheels have been carried from the pre-facelift CLA.

Mercedes-Benz launches 2017 CLA in India

On the inside, the new CLA gets an 8-inch screen as compared to the 7-inch screen in the previous model. The new screen is also a lot thinner than the older one making the whole unit look much better. The infotainment system gets upgraded is now compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. There is also Bluetooth connectivity and Navigation as standard. The new CLA also gets an upgraded instrument cluster with sporty red needles.

What about the engine?

The new CLA comes with an option to choose from two engines, petrol and diesel. The petrol engine is a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged unit that produces a maximum of 181 BHP and peak torque torque of 300 Nm. The diesel engine is a 2.2-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces a maximum of 134 bhp of peak power and 300 Nm of maximum torque. Both the engines get 7-speed dual clutch transmission that transmits the power to the front wheels of the car. There is no option of 4MATIC, 4 wheel drive in India.

Ex-showroom, Delhi prices as below:

CLA 200 Style – Diesel – Rs. 31.71 lakh

CLA 200 Sport – Petrol – Rs. 34.02 lakh

CLA 200 D Sport – Diesel – Rs. 35.02 lakh

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