Mercedes Benz owner arrested for forging Sunny Leone’s husband’s car number for ‘numerology’

Weeks after a woman in Mumbai was caught using the registration number of Ratan Tata, the police have arrested another person for forging Sunny Leone’s registration number. Versova police have arrested a 38-year-old man after the driver of Sunny Leone spotted the registration.

Mercedes Benz owner arrested for forging Sunny Leone’s husband’s car number for ‘numerology’

The accused who is identified as Piyush Sen was using the forged registration number on his own Mercedes-Benz SUV. We are not sure about the exact car but the cops mention that it is a Mercedes-Benz SUV and most probably a GL 350. Interestingly, the registration number belongs to Daniel Weber’s Mercedes-Benz GL-Class, which the family uses to get around the city quite often.

The cops are yet to ascertain since the time period for which Sen has been using the forged plates. On questioning, Piyush Sen replied to the cops that he felt that the registration number will be lucky for him and that is why he chose that registration instead of the one that was allotted to his car.

Challans received

In September 2020, Sunny Leone’s husband Daniel Weber received a few e-challans for road safety violations. The violations were actually done by Piyush Sen, who lives in Khadagpada in Kalyan. Sen continued using the registration plates and his luck ran out when Akbar Khan, the driver of Sunny Leone spotted the vehicle on Achyutrao Patwardhan Marg in Andheri. Khan reported the misuse of the registration to the traffic constable Ankush Nirbhavane, who then asked Sen to show the documents of his vehicle.

Piyush Sen was carrying the original documents in the vehicle. However, the registration number allotted on the papers was different from the registration plate that he was using. The police team has released a statement saying that Akbar Khan informed Daniel Weber about the complaint that he made to the cops. Post that, Weber visited the police station with the documents of his vehicle.

The cops have registered a case under various sections. The sections include 420, 465, 469 of the IPC and the Motor Vehicle Act 139 at the Versona Police station. The police took Piyush Sen on remand for one day and will further investigate the matter.

Not the first time

Mercedes Benz owner arrested for forging Sunny Leone’s husband’s car number for ‘numerology’

While there are quite a few cases where the motorists use illegal or forged registration plates to avoid e-challans and traffic fines, a lady was caught using the registration number belonging to the car of Ratan Tata only a few weeks ago. She also gave the same reason for using the forged number plate to the cops. She said that the numbers are lucky for her and that is why she was using that registration number instead of the one that was allotted to her car. Even Ratan Tata received a number of e-challans because of the forged plates.

The Indian government has introduced the High-Security Registration Plate or HSRP. Currently, the Delhi-NCR authorities have mandated the use of HSRP and any vehicle without these high-security plates get challans. These registration plates are tamper-proof and are screwed to the vehicle using a single-use bolt that cannot be opened again.

In the past, the cops have seized many vehicles for using tampered registration plate. However, this is the first instance when someone has used the registration number that belongs to a popular personality.

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