Mercedes Benz-powered crane that costs Rs. 22 crore now in India [Video]

We often see heavy duty cranes parked on the side of the road. They are often used for the construction of bridges and also lift heavy objects at construction site. Although you would have seen these trucks on the road, there are not many videos of the same on internet. This is a very complicated machinery and an expert is required to operate these. Here we have a quick walkaround video that shows how the a heavy duty crane from Germany looks like.

The video has been uploaded by All in One Entertainment on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger talks to the operator or engineer of the crane also the driver. The crane was parked in a ground while it was going on its way to a new site. Vlogger starts by talking to the engineer who operates the crane. As this is a special equipment, it cannot be operated by any person. It will only be operated by a specially trained personnel and he only has the permission to do the same. The crane has been imported from Germany and it is a left hand drive truck.

The truck has seven axles and with the crane, it weighs around 83 tonnes. The crane as mentioned above is a heavy duty one and it can lift up to 300 tonnes. It is a huge piece of machinery and has 7 axles. The truck is driven by a 12 cylinder diesel engine from Mercedes-Benz. The exact power and torque output of the truck has not been mentioned. The crane uses another engine which is a 6 cylinder unit. There is a hydraulic lift place at the rear to balance the truck before engaging the crane. The crane uses 25 inch tyres and are all tubeless. The truck has a fuel tank capacity of 500 litres, the crane uses another tank which is another 300 litres. The engineer can be heard saying in the video that the truck returns a fuel efficiency of 1 km to a litre.

Mercedes Benz-powered crane that costs Rs. 22 crore now in India [Video]

When asked about cost of the truck, the engineer mentioned that he was not sure about it but, he said that the cost of the truck would vary depending on the condition if it is new or used. A brand new crane like this might cost around Rs 22 crore. The vlogger then talks to the driver on the truck. He mentions that as this is a left hand driver truck, one has to be extremely carefully on the road. The video does not mention anything about the speed the driver has to maintain while on the road but, we are sure it won’t be going above 15-20 kmph.

The driver then shows the cabin of the truck. This is an automatic truck and there are several controls to the panel on the right hand side. This truck has 4×4, low ratio transfer case, differential locks and also buttons to control the hydraulic suspension of the truck. The accelerator and gear lever of the truck can be controlled externally using a knob under the driver’s cabin. This is useful when the truck is working on a site.