Mercedes Benz Report: GLC Luxury SUV carrying Cyrus Mistry was doing 100 km/h before crash

cyrus mistry dies in road accident

Since the sad demise of Tata Sons’ ex-chairman Cyrus Mistry happened a few days ago, several new details have been unfolding with each passing day. Now, a recent revelation made in this incident is that the Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV, in which Cyrus Mistry was travelling along with his friends, was being driven at over 100 km/h of speed just five seconds before the accident took place. The data has been released by Mercedes-Benz after an analysis of the car’s telematics.

Mercedes Benz Report: GLC Luxury SUV carrying Cyrus Mistry was doing 100 km/h before crash

The GLC SUV, which was being driven by Anahita Pandole, was cruising over 100 km/h. At the time of the accident, the driver applied the brakes of the SUV, due to which it decelerated to 89 km/h. At the time of the accident, Anahita, one of the top gynaecologists of Mumbai, and her husband Jehangir Pandole were at the front, while Cyrus and Jehangir’s brother Darius Pandole were seated at the back. In the accident, Cyrus and Jehangir lost their lives, while Anahita and Darius are recovering in this hospital.

The accident took place at Palghar on the Ahmedabad-Mumbai highway, when Cyrus and others were heading back to Mumbai from Udwada. All of them were returning from the Fire Temple at Udwada, where they went to pray for the father of Jehangir and Darius Pandole, who died recently. A couple of days ago, police came to know in its investigation that the rear seat occupants, Cyrus Mistry and Darius Pandole were not wearing seat belts when this accident took place. Further investigation by Maharashtra Police and State Transport Department revealed that the car crashed on a bridge at Palghar due to its faulty design and over-speeding of the car by Anahita.

Rear seat belt use is now mandatory

Following the sad demise of Cyrus Mistry, the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, led by Nitin Gadkari, has made the use of rear seat belts a mandatory rule. According to a statement given by the Union Minister in the Parliament, the rule of wearing seat belts for rear seat passengers will become mandatory in the coming days, not following this can attract hefty fines.

The ministry is also working on introducing seat belt sensors and alarms for the rear seats, which are already mandatory for the front seats since 2020. In a recent development, the government has also ordered e-commerce platforms to prohibit the sales of independent seat belt clips, which are notoriously used by seat belts to restrict the sound of seat belt alarms without wearing the seat belts.

Mercedes-Benz sending ECM to Germany

Mercedes-Benz is also investigating the crash and has recovered the Engine Control Module or ECM to Germany. Mercedes-Benz Headquarters will further investigate the module to find out more details. The manufacturer will take out information like the steering wheel position, accelerator position, seatbelt use, speed of the car and many other details.