Mercedes-Benz S-Class, modified by DC, found abandoned [Video]

DC Design in its prime used to fiddle with many cars including expensive luxury vehicles. We have seen some of the wackiest designs from the customisation house. Here is one such job based on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class W126 and it is called the SF1.


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The pictures of the car were posted by Cyrus Dhabhar while another vlogger Shiva posted a video on the abandoned car claiming it to be some futuristic concept model that Mercedes-Benz abandoned in India. Here is all you want to know about the car.

DC Design SCL

There is a W126 S-Class underneath this body. The transformation job is liked by many and there are comparisons with the Mercedes-Benz SF1 concept but in reality, there are no similarities.

DC has done a job to customise the car in its own way. The final product gets two doors instead of the original four. The headlamps are new and are uniquely shaped. We are not sure how effective they are. The front grille also gets the Mercedes-Benz logo. Interestingly, DC Design did not officially name this car. However, the dealership that sold it added the name – SCL.

DC Design W126 is now abandoned

The pictures and the video show the customised vehicle abandoned at a corner in Delhi. The vehicle is gathering dust and is in shambles. Many parts of the car have rusted away and all the glasses are broken including the front windshield.

The video also shows that the door of the car was open. The whole cabin is full of dust. We do not think any of the features in the vehicle work anymore.

Such vehicles are illegal

According to the latest MV Act laws, almost all such wacky cars that changed the identities of the stock vehicle were illegal and could have been seized. We are not sure why this Mercedes-Benz S-Class is abandoned by the owner but it seems like the vehicle developed some mechanical issues that were too expensive to repair and the car was left here.

There are many such high-end vehicles that have developed problems and since it is difficult to source parts of such old cars, many owners simply abandon them. One of the most common problems that these cars face is the failed suspension system that can be very expensive to import and install. Rich owners simply move on to a new model. What do you think of this DC Design’s abandoned car? Do let us know in the comments