Mercedes-Benz S-Class, modified by DC Design, now found abandoned [Video]

DC Designs was a very well known name in the vehicle customisation circle. It is now known as DC2. In its prime DC Design was known for making exterior customisations that not everyone liked. They have played with the design of many cars including expensive luxury vehicles. Many of these have been featured on the website as well. Here we have one such wacky looking modified car from DC Design. It is based on a Mercedes-Benz S-Class W126 sedan and it is called the SF1.


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The pictures of the car were posted by Cyrus Dhabhar  on Instagram. Another video shared by a vlogger is also available for the same car. The car does not look like a Mercedes-Benz from any angle and we are surprised. DC is known for such extreme modifications where the donor car is almost unrecognisable. Like many other projects, DC has done a modification in the way they wanted the car to look. DC Design the luxury sedan into a 2-door coupe. The front-end of the car gets a large design with a custom made front grille  and Mercedes logo in the center. The headlamps are custom made units and  they go well with the long bonnet of the car. Normally, DC comes with a different name for these customised version like Mahindra Thar Hulk. Surprisingly, DC did not officially name this car and the dealer sold it under the name SCL.

DC Design W126 is now abandoned

The video and the images posted on social media show that the car was abandoned and it is left at a corner in Delhi. Some of the panels are broken and it is just sitting in a corner gathering dust. The door is also open and it is completely covered in dust and we don’t think any of the features in the car would work anymore. The front windshield is also broken.

Such vehicles are illegal

This is something that we are all aware about. Modification of any sort on vehicles are completely illegal in India. In this case, DC has modified it to such an extent that it does not even look like a Mercedes-Benz anymore. According to MV Act, such cars are illgal and the vehicles can be seized as well. It is not clear why the car was abandoned. It looks like the vehicle might have faced some mechanical issues that were too expensive to repair and the car was left their.

This is not the first time, we are seeing such an expensive car abandoned on the roadside. There are several imported luxury cars that are left to rust because they have developed some issue and repairing them is expensive. Many of the manufacturers are not even present in India and sourcing parts becomes a lot more challenging. One of the common problem faced by such vehicles is suspension failure. Many owners who have the money but have a hard time is sourcing the parts simply dump the car and move to a newer model.