Mercedes-Benz S-Class modified into a Maybach super luxury sedan

Mercedes-Benz is India’s largest luxury car brand. The brand has several models in their portfolio. When it comes to sedan, Mercedes-Benz S-Class is their flagship sedan. For those who want something unique and much more luxurious than regular S-Class there is Maybach as well. Recently, Mercedes-Benz launched GLS600 Maybach in India and it was so popular that car was sold out even before it was launched. A person who is buying an S-Class does it for the creature comfort. Rarely, you would see a modified Mercedes-Benz S-Class on the road. However, here we have a video where a regular S-Class sedan has been neatly converted into a Maybach sedan.

The video has been uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger explains the plan that they have for the S-class sedan. The regular S-Class had come to the workshop for a conversion job. The owner initially had plans to simply install a genuine Maybach body kit to the car and make it look like a Maybach. Later on the owner consulted with the workshop and decided to give complete car a paint job. On further discussion, it was finalised that the car will get a dual tone paint job just like the original Maybach.

For this conversion project, the original headlamps, front grille and bumper on the car was removed. Maybach body kit was bought along with all the logos and chrome garnishes on it. The front grille was replaced with a Maybach grille and the headlamps now come with triple LED DRLs that also work as matrix turn indicators. The front bumper on the car was also replaced with Maybach unit.

The rear bumper and tail lights were also replaced for this project. The original paint on the car was silver and the workshop started looking for dual tone paint options that will go with silver. Finally they decided to go with Deep Blue shade for the lower portion and silver for the upper part.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class modified into a Maybach super luxury sedan

Although the car was looking mint, there were minor scratches on it. All those scratches and minor dents were corrected using putty. Once the dents were corrected, a coat of primer was sprayed on to the newly mended portion and then the excess putty was sanded off. The car was then taken in to the paint booth.

Th lower portion of the car was sprayed in Deep Blue shade. Once the paint on the lower part dried, masking was done to paint the upper portion. The workshop took measurement from an original Maybach and painted the car exactly. Vlogger can be heard saying in the video that the paint used on the car is of premium quality. Once the car was painted, whole car was sprayed with a clear coat and that completely changed the overall look of the car. Once it rolled out of the paint booth, it was not looking like an S-Class anymore. The door handles, all the small details were taken care of and it looked like brand new Mayach S560 luxury sedan.