Mercedes-Benz stuck in a flooded Lucknow road rescued using tractor

This year many parts of India experienced heavy rains and we have seen roads in many metro cities getting flooded. We have seen several reports of people getting stranded on flooded roads with their vehicles. One of the recent cities to experience flooding was Bengaluru. It took over a week to get things back to normal. Even now, we have reports about unexpected heavy rains in many North Indian states and here we have a video where a Mercedes-Benz luxury sedan is stuck on flooded roads and the car was later rescued by a tractor.

The video has been uploaded by VIRAL ADDA on their YouTube channel. The video is from Uttar Pradesh’s Lucknow. The road in the video is clearly flooded and a Mercedes-Benz CLA luxury sedan is seen in the middle of the road. It looks like the driver abandoned the car after the car got stalled in the flooded road. According to the details that are available online, Traffic Police was forced to move the car from the waterlogged road using a tractor.

In this video, vehicles can be seen passing through the flooded road while the Mercedes-Benz sedan is just parked in the middle of the road. A clear picture of the whole incident is not available. The video only shows the rescue part. In this video, a tractor can be seen behind the Mercedes sedan. The tractor driver carefully backs the tractor up to the place where the car was parked. He lowers the lock at the rear of the tractor and tries to align the tractor properly. After several trials, the tractor driver manages to get the lock under the car properly.

Mercedes-Benz stuck in a flooded Lucknow road rescued using tractor

He then lifts the hydraulic lock and the whole car was suspended in air. The car was completely out of water and the driver keeps the car in that position for some time to ensure that it is not unstable and won’t fall off. He brings the car down and then he lifts the car once again. As the weight is not properly balanced, front wheels on the tractor are in the air. Once the car was lifted using the tractor, the driver started driving the tractor away. Driving a car during rainy season is quite tricky. There are several things that one should keep in mind while driving a car during such situations.

Only come out on road with cars if it is absolutely unavoidable. If you are driving a low slung sedan like in this case, make sure that you take roads that are not flooded. If you have to go through flooded roads make sure that the water is not too deep or the water is not covering the air intake. In such cases, the chances of getting the water into the engine are a lot more and modern cars like this Mercedes-Benz will get hydro locked. In such cases, towing the car away is the only option and repairing it is going to be an expensive and time consuming affair. The water can also damage the ECU of the car if not driven cautiously.