Mercedes Benz SUV driver BUSTED for driving on footpath [Video]

As the monsoon season is approaching India, there are many states which are getting heavy pre-monsoon rainfall. Often the city roads of the country get submerged during the monsoons. Due to this, motorists use utmost caution while going through these roads, especially the ones driving expensive cars. Here is a Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV that tried taking the shallowly submerged footpath to avoid the deep water. He was summoned by the traffic police and received a fine.

The video which was shot by a local resident shows the Mercedes Benz GLC taking the footpath, which he thought will be a safer option to take. Even the footpath is completely submerged and the Mercedes-Benz driver can be seen proceeding with caution. The video was sent to the Goa traffic police and the owner of the car was summoned to the police station with the vehicle.

A traffic violation fine was issued to the owner of the car for driving on the footpath. The police also checked the documents of the vehicle and then issued a fine of Rs 700 to the owner. The fine was issued for rash driving and driving the vehicle negligently on the public roads.

Mercedes Benz SUV driver BUSTED for driving on footpath [Video]

Inspected General of Police, Goa Jaspal Singh said on social media, “Thank you for bringing this to our notice. Vehicle was challaned today and fine was realised from the violator.”

Most luxury SUVs are softroaders and are not made to do hardcore off-roading. The Mercedes-Benz GLC gets a ground clearance of 183mm, which is decent but it can get into trouble on the rough Indian roads. This is the 4MATIC version of the GLC, which means that all four wheels of the vehicle are powered. It is like a permanent AWD system. The 4MATIC system is very useful while driving on slippery surfaces like snow or slush but tackling hardcore off-roading is not its forte. Also, since the luxury cars have high-performance turbochargers and their air intake is positioned in such a way that the water-wading capability is limited.

The Mercedes-Benz GLC has a water wading capability of 300mm, which translates into 12-inches or 1 foot. Driving through waterlogged streets deeper than that can cause hydrostatic lock in the vehicle and it may require a massive amount of money to clean the engine thoroughly and ensure that it is clear of any water droplets.

Since most of such high-end luxury SUVs are made for Europeans roads and climate, they may struggle on the rough Indian roads. This is why we get to see many luxury vehicles stuck in waterlogged roads when the monsoon arrives. However, it is always a good idea to remain clear of such waterlogged roads and it is better to avoid them in any kind of car. Waterlogged roads can disable any kind of vehicle and create problems for the occupants. It is best to wait for the water to clear the road or find an alternate route.