Mercedes Benz to launch B-Class ‘Sports Tourer’ in November 2012

mercedes benz b class

Mercedes-Benz India is planning to launch the B-Class as a ‘Sports Tourer’. The company may launch the B-Class before the festive season in November 2012.

“The B-Class is a very clever alternative to sedans and SUVs,” Peter T Honneg, CEO, Mercedes-Benz was quoted as saying by the IndianAutosBlog. Benz wanted to enter a new segment and be a trend setter. That is what the B-Class aims at doing.

Mercedes Benz to launch B-Class ‘Sports Tourer’ in November 2012
Photo: This is the B-Class hatch which will likely change the game for luxury hatchbacks

In the ‘sports tourer’ segment consumers will be coming from different angles according to Debashis Mitra, Director, Sales & Marketing, Mercedes-Benz. He added that consumers who are luxury car owners usually have a second car and there will also be a lot of people looking for upgrades and will be new to the Mercedes-Benz brand.

The India-bound B-Class is expected to have a front wheel drive layout. The upcoming B-Class may be powered by the same 1.8-litre common rail diesel motor and a 1.6-litre direct injection turbo petrol motor that powers the present B-Class sold in international market. The engines will likely be mated to a 6-speed or 7-speed transmission.

Earlier it was reported that Mercedes Benz plans to launch the B-Class sedan in December 2012. Read more about the B-Class sedan and compact SUV here.

Hence, it is not clear whether the B-Class will be launched as a Sports Tourer or a sedan. But in either case, the B-Class will be the cheapest Mercedes to own in India when launched during the second-half of 2012. Expect the B-Class to be priced below Rs. 25 lakh.