Mercedes-Benz used by drug peddlers crashed: Locals call police & get them arrested [video]

Mercedes-Benz used by drug dealers

Spotting a luxury car on the road is not very difficult in India. We have come across several videos where used car sellers are offering well-maintained luxury cars at very affordable prices. Mercedes-Benz is India’s most popular and biggest luxury car manufacturing brand. This German car brand probably has one of the largest lineups of cars in India. Mercedes-Benz is probably one of the first names that might come to your mind when you think of luxury cars. Here, we have reports where a Mercedes-Benz was used by a crashed and fell into the compound of a house. When the locals inspected the car, they found that the car belonged to a drug cartel.

The video has been shared by Mathrubhumi News. The incident happened in Kerala’s Kozhikode district last week. According to the report, a Mercedes-Benz lost control and fell into the compound of a house at night. The residents of the house came to check and saw a luxury car overturned in their compound. The Mercedes-Benz car had two occupants in it, and both of them were unconscious when people gathered. After a while, when both of them gained consciousness, they started acting weird, and that is when people started having doubts about the car.

Some of the locals started inspecting the car, and they found drugs like MDMA and an electronic weighing scale in the car. They soon realized that the two individuals were drug peddlers, and the cops were called immediately. After reaching the spot, the police team also inspected the vehicle and the surroundings. Upon inspection, they found that the peddlers were carrying around 3.5 grams of MDMA drug. Apart from the drugs recovered from inside the car, they also found a plastic bag lying outside the car with drugs in it. While the cops were inspecting the car, one of the culprits, Habeeb Rahman, fled the spot. The other culprit, Anuvindh, is in police custody.

Mercedes-Benz used by drug peddlers crashed: Locals call police & get them arrested
Mercedes-Benz used by drug dealers

The exact reason for how the car lost control or what made them crash the car is not known. It is not clear whether the peddlers were trying to run away from the cops or if they simply fell asleep while driving the car at night. The report does not mention whether the peddlers were under the influence of alcohol or drugs when the accident occurred. The team led by Koduvalli police station Sub-Inspector Anoop Arikara recovered the drugs from the spot. A few months ago, we had come across another incident from Mumbai where a car driver high on drugs actually carried a cop on the bonnet for almost 10 km. The driver of the car did not stop when the Mumbai Police traffic police tried to stop the vehicle. The traffic police got onto his motorcycle and chased the vehicle. However, he was unable to stop the car. On the second occasion, the constable stood in front of the car to slow him down. However, the car driver kept on driving.