Mercedes Benz C200 sedan fitted with a CNG Kit: What it drives like [Video]

Mileage is one of the biggest concerns for car owners in India, although one segment of car buyers in the country that you would imagine the least to be worried about it is the luxury car buyers. Although recently a video was uploaded on YouTube that showed us something that we did not imagine we would see. We are talking about a German luxury car getting fitted with a CNG Kit. Yes, you heard it right! A Mercedes Benz luxury sedan with a CNG kit.

The video of a Mercedes Benz C200 fitted with a CNG kit was recently uploaded by vlogger Raspreet Singh on his YouTube channel. The vlogger at the beginning of the video drives into the camera frame in a fairly standard-looking Mercedes C200 sedan. Although once he steps out of the car he reveals that this ordinary-looking German sedan is fitted with a CNG kit. He tells that usually CNG kits are seen in small cars, auto rickshaws and affordable sedans but not in luxury cars.

He then proceeds to open the bonnet of the sedan and shows the engine. He states that this 13 years old car produces 185 bhp and 285 Nm of torque with its 4-cylinder petrol engine. The vlogger then says now lets look into the rear of this car where the CNG kit which really powers this car. He shows the cylinder covered with a black cover and tells that the CNG cylinder has been made by Rama which is an Italian manufacturer. The cylinder’s capacity is 14 kgs. Following the reveal of the Italian-made CNG kit he states that before diving deep he’ll first take the car to a nearby CNG filling station to get the cylinder filled.

Mercedes Benz C200 sedan fitted with a CNG Kit: What it drives like [Video]

The presenter then reaches a petrol station and heads towards the CNG filling pump. He then opens the bonnet where the filler nozzle of the CNG kit is placed and shows the chassis plaque of the car as well. He asks the pump guy to fill the car completely. The car takes a total of 3.3 kgs of CNG and after the fill up he drives off the car from the station.

The vlogger then shows a little indicator on the left side of the steering column. The instrument displays the CNG level, and the driver could switch the vehicle fuel from here. There is a light with a ‘G’ inscribed on it that indicates the car is operating on CNG, and there is a petrol pump icon  with an orange light that indicates the vehicle is running on petrol.  To change the running fuel, simply click the button stated the presenter of the video.

The YouTuber then drives the car and reports that the car drives normally and their is no difference whatsoever. Although we can note that the instrument cluster has a check engine light, which is common in vehicles that use aftermarket CNG systems. He tells that the car has done  more than 87,000 kilometers. The YouTuber claims that the car’s electronics are flawless. He also adjusts the gears manually. He claims that there is a guzzling sound coming from the cylinder. He believes that the C200 will be an excellent city car since it runs on CNG, which is cheaper and more cost-effective than an electric vehicle.

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